Hayate no Gotoku Character Cover CD Released~!!

The cover CD of Hayate no Gotoku came out at the same time as the OVA, basically what this edition is a selection of parodied anime songs like Cruel Angel’s Thesis from Eva, Oh! My Goddess 1993 Old Theme Song sung by characters from the anime (seiyuus) and many more, I believed handpicked by Mr. Hata himself (the godfather/creator of Hayate no Gotoku).

Theres 10 in total plus a bonus extras cd which I’ll look into later~ (which is usually some drama skit)

So as the list goes:

1. Nijiiro no Sneaker – Sung by Sanzenin Nagi (Rie Kugimiya)

Original sung by Megumi Hayabashira
Cute song~~
If you remember in chapter 48 (the karaoke chapter) you see quite a connection there..

2. Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa – Sung by Maria (Rie Tanaka)

If the song doesn’t ring you a bell its Maison Ikkoku First OP, quite an old anime Mr. Hata picked there..

3. Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis – Sung by Hinagiku Katsura (Shizuka Itou)

I bet you all would know this song, yes! Its the Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening!! Sung by everyones favorite Hinagiku-sama~!!
Also as a trivia this was the song Hina sung in Chapter 95 -the Hina Birthday/Hinamatsuri Arc- if you’ve been itching to know about~

4. Gandhara – Sung by Saginomiya Isumi (Matsuki Miyu)

I believe this song is from Saiyuki? Cute song from Matsuki-san~~

5. STEP – Sung by Saki and Wataru (Inoue Marina and Nakajima Saki)

This is from Mashin Hero Wataru 1st OP~ See the relations and puns~~

6. Maharaja na Naritai!! – Sung by Yukiji Katsura (Nabatame Hitomi)

If anyone know this song pleez letz me know saink kyoo~
Looks Yukiji’s singing is not half bad~~

7. Ryoute wo Hirogete – Sung by Aizawa Sakuya (Kana Ueda)

From The Trapp Family Story~ Soothing~~

8. My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai – Sung by Student Council Trio – Segawa Isumi, Hanabishi Miki, and Asakaze Riza (Yahagi Sayuri, Nakao Eri, & Asano Masumi)

This is Ah! My Goddess OVA OP from waay back in 1993 (18 years!!)
Mr. Hata must’ve waited long for that chance eh?

9. Kokoro ha Tamago – Sung by Ayumu Nishizawa (Takahashi Mikako)

Chojin Sentai Jetman ED, looks like they’ve forgotten about Nishizawa’s crappy singing, butactually quite good, just like her character album~

10. Ko no me Kaze – Sung by Ayasaki Hayate (Shiraishi Ryoko).

I bet you all know this one if you’ve watched all the way through the anime, yes! Its Hayate no Gotoku! ED 4, remixed and sung by Hayate (The seiyuu of course), I kind of like this version but with Shiraishi-san’s average pitched voice the original’s fairly better~

So thats basically it except for the bonus extras CD which I’ll look into later as I said earlier on so get your copy/download/bittorrent today~!