Easter Egg Aftermath

Well as you all may know well Easter has passed by, well last week to be exact, and this year I didn’t ate as much of them addicting chocolate easter eggs as last year… To be exact, I eaten 4 eggs on the day and 8 the day after, yes, 8 I said. As you may know after the day of the resurrection of Jesus shops are trying to get rid of the eggs since the joyful day has passed so they tend to reduce the price and place them in the most awkward place in the shop, yes, near the pet food section. D= So then after ignoring the pet food I got full of myself and recklessly brought 8 discounted and on the lines of expireness chocolate eggs for only around £3. =D

But this year as an act of saving up money for the summer, and not forgetting anime/manga related stuff, I only had 3 easter eggs, and nothing more. 2 Rolos and 1 Smartie. But also as I took it off the shelf in my local shop it appears the packaging has shrunken since last year, moreover the lack of plastic, making the whole packaging only consisting of a cardboard container which resembles a wooden basket and the shrunken cardboard box. But nevertheless the original sized easter egg and an additional 2 Rolo/Smartie bars/tubes remains. Looks like Nestle are going green this year just by reducing the resources. =)

As you see above is the complete collection of the remaining materials of the packaging, from the basic box to the very golden foil that protected the holy egg from threats like scratches and breaking. Where are the stuff from the picture above you ask? Unfortunately, they’re now headin’ towards the du- err I mean, the Recycling Dump. =]