The Palm-Top Taiga Paper Model

Some time ago when the awesome anime Toradora! was still airing, I was lurking around the net finding some pics of the show, until I found this nice paper cutout of the “Palm Top Tiger”, obviously for a sucker I tried to make one as well by printing out the template (the pic at the top of this post) then coloured it to make it more realistic (printers at school only prints in monochrome T^T) Then cut it all out, cutting it out seems easy if you may think, but in actual fact it is, but, it has lots of turns and corners to cut into making the whole process taking a long time! Then the hardest part, assembling the whole thing together. Unfortunately there were a lack of info or even instructions to which part goes where, all there is the finished piece on display as you see in the image above, which you need a good imagination to know which part if which. But even if you know where it all goes, there is one final thing, vital to finishing the model, you guessed it. Glueing it altogether! This is highly impossible to do if you have a good experience for tab planning since the tabs in the template are so damn small the glue won’t even stay on or even stick to the other part. Which means that all the time and effort I did all gone to waste all because of some typical flaw… Here it is as it stands:

For now is where the heck am I gonna store these? Hmm…

3 thoughts on “The Palm-Top Taiga Paper Model

  1. It was hard… And yeah, I know it’s been 2 years since your post, but I thought I had to show you I finally did it!

    If you want to see the other captions of the tiger just look at my album in photobucket. :]

    P.S: Sorry about my poor english and cheers from Colombia!


    1. Awesome bro

      Funnily enough I still have the unassembled pieces in a envelop somewhere in my storage boxes. Might try to finish it now that I see someone has already conquered it :P Man, you must have some precise hands there.

      Nice to see some international readers visiting.


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