Yo! Sushi Money Massacre

You may have heard about them Sushi bars where you go and sit down, take some plates off the conveyor belt in front of you and eat it, and then when you think your done you go to the counter and pay for what you’ve just ate. Well, I’ve went to one called Yo! Sushi (leading sushi bar/restaurant in the UK) for the first time. Totally awesome at first, until it went into a total nightmare after looking at the bill T_T.

I also took a few pictures there on my phone to commemorate the fun yet unhappy experience.

This your eating station, complimented with your usual Soy Sauce, Wasabi (Japanese Horse Radish), Ginger, tissues/napkins, free unlimited access of carbonated water and still water, wooden chopsticks and even rare wooden spoons which made me intrigued and stared at it for a couple of minutes staring at its sleek wooden beauty (I know I’m sad…), not forgetting the glass cups to hold your drinks in and lastly a pretty red button in the middle which you can press and then few minutes later a lovely staff member would come over to aid you (basically is a button to call over a staff member if you need any help for anything).

Look at the Sushi ROLL!
Get it? xD

Looking at the decoration, saucy =]

10 minutes later, and look how may plates I’ve eaten…

Well luckily it was monday so the place hold a event called Blue Monday where everything on the conveyor belt is £2.20 each. Not really cheap…

Now its time to regenerate my money.

Later peoplez~

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