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Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season Episode 6 arrives with the return of Hina! After a Hina-less episode last week when it was only focusing on Nagi and her sudden day out with non other than Ayumu’s younger brother Kazuki. The anime continues on acting loyal to the manga/original plot. So here’s the lowdown of the episode!

After the events of the previous episode where Nagi is seen by Hayate naked, Nagi has come to terms that she can’t see Hayate in person for a few days, and just like in the manga, Hayate leaves the Sanzenin mansion to loaf around for 3 days.

Oh yeah and not forgetting the 1 million yen accommodation.

Yes Hayate, a million yen.
Nyarth: Sir Yes Sir!!
Nyarth: Sir Yes Sir!!

And so after receiving a million yen now in his hands in the public society, he now has to find a place to crash in while spending the money wisely. But…

I smell a reference~~~
I smell a reference~~~
Nice necklace in the background...

Non other than Katsura-sensei, Himuro and Sonia appears without the license of popping up unexpectedly, and after Himuro’s spidey money senses and radar discovers Hayate’s heritage of a million yen, they become hungry for money.


Now in the manga, Katsura-sensei would then consider the 4 of them to play a round of Mah-jong (dunno why) and half way through the game Hayate would leave his coat along with 100,000 yen inside its pocket and escape through the toilet wondows, but since in the anime they’re compiling 4-5 chapters into 1 episode, they decided to scrap this scene along with the flashback revealing Hayate was once a Mah-jong Daichi, and replaces it with…

In other words, he's trying to subside the main plot...
In other words: Quick go grab my coat with 100k yen in it so that we don't have to play mah-jong and me escaping the game through the window like the script says we would!
In other words: Quick! Go grab my coat with 100k yen in its pocket so that we don't have to play mah-jong and me escaping halfway though the game through the toilet windows like the script says we would!!
Look at it fly~~
As the random blue coat flies into the air...
-money mob-
...a drunken teacher, a nun and a first-class-money-loving butler chases after it like its all for the taking.

and so…

-100,000 yen =(
-100,000 yen =(

Hayate is left with 900,000 yen.

Yet a cut has happened yet again, after the incident with the money trio, Hayate would be then be confronted by his former High School mates from Shiomi (Hayate’s old school) who would then invite him out to eat, then after having to pay everything. But everything relating to the matter has been skipped.

So sticking to the original plot, later he decides to wander off somewhere where he happens to find a street full of people wanting money in order to fulfil their deeds, oh the irony, lets examine.

They didn't include the cat in the manga.... also look at the guy at the left, he's like he's looking at the audience... o_O

Another sudden time skip occurs, at this point Hayate would step in and lend the poor woman 500,000 yen, with the Yakuza, which happen to be the former owners of Hayate internal organs, asking that he’s already got a debt to a 13 year old girl, while the other insisting that he is a lolicon (lol), but in the anime they decided to skip it in order for more material to be added due to the duration of the episode, and thus….

-500,000 yen =[

After walking across the road to get to the other side (see the pun?), Hayate accidentally walks into this shota kid who brought a valuable 200,000 yen glassed jar for his mother which ends up being dropped and smashed into several pieces with no chance of being fixed. Hayate, your cue…

Shouldn't it be packaged? The kid looks much older than in the manga, in the manga he looked like a baby (lol)
What a caring young mother entrusting her son for such a trecherous errand...
What a caring young mother, entrusting her son for such a treacherous errand...

and so Hayate now has 200,000 yen.

Here are some additional situations that only appear in the anime, right…

You're like me there girl~
That means you need money for Plane tickets to go visit your collapsed dad?
So you're bribing your mum?
So you're bribing your mum?
An indirect message from JC STAFF? (The people who produce HnG S2)
An indirect message from JC STAFF? (The people who produce HnG S2) and is that the orange cardboard box from Shana-tan?, also why the heck are you doing it outside in the park? o_O

and so…

apparently all that adds up to 200,000 yen...
Apparently all that adds up to 200,000 yen...

So I’m guessing Hayate gave each of them 50,000 yen?

Into the night, Hayate ends up staying in the park (according to Viz’s trnslations its called “Loser Park”) where he once did that fateful Christmas Eve night where he encountered Nagi, but since Nagi already rescued him, he thinks she wouldn’t come back, but little did he know…


…and so Hayate then goes over to Hina’s house!

Straight after he arrived he then apparently takes a bath, as the narrator implied, and the following:

The obvious had to be stated.
-blush- Kawaii~! <3
-blush- Kawaii~! <3

After bath, Hayate enters the living where Hinagiku is, and then…

Hina's foster mother looks so much younger than in the manga....
Hina's foster mother looks so much younger than in the manga....

Hina’s mum appears! Fortunately, her personality doesn’t change~

Nice touch with the eyes.
Press 1 for "Yes" or press 2 for "No"
Oh yes, oh yes...

Hina states the fact that Hayate is not her kareshi, and says in her thoughts that he might already has one (after helping Ayumu giving love chocolates to Hayate in the Valentines Day Arc a couple of episodes ago).
and thus the teasing continues…

Hayate never got to wear the cat ears...

Afterwords Hina has had enough of her mother’s antics, and shows Hayate to his room (which in actual fact if her sisters room, full of empty bottles of booze, but since she now lives in one of the rooms at Hakuo, she doesn’t really lives there any more.)

They never got to show that dress clearly in the manga...
They never got to show that dress clearly in the manga...

and so we enter the Twilight Zone…

Is that an Air-bed?

If you compare the room in the manga to the anime, you see several differences, with the lack of the TV, windows, futon in the anime.

Through the night , Hinagiku decides to check up on Hayate who apparently is training by doing press ups with only one finger…

74, 480, 645, 222, ha made lose count! xD
74, 480, 645, 222, HA! Made you lose count! XD

After a nice talk, Hina also finds that Hayate is also studying, possibly for the upcoming exams, and so…

Thats right, just the two of you...

After examining Hina and realising the fact that she just came out of the bath…

Only Hina gets sparkles after coming out of the bath :>

What better to than stare at her for a moment and let in her beauty~
Hina then reveals in her thoughts that what she was going to ask Hayate that is he now going out with the girl that confessed to him on Valentines Day. But then being asked why she’s been spaced out she becomes annoyed and quits helping Hayate to study, saying that its pointless. Just like in the anime, Hayate take what she said seriously, wondering if he’s that bad at school work, and takes and all nighter studying.

Oh right, another skip. When Hina was revealing what was in her mind, in the manga, it shows her imagination of the confession that took place on Valetines Day, after Ayumu confessing to Hayate, yet again that has been skipped, I remember that this kind of happened already in the 1st season, so maybe they decided not to show it again.

Why.............of course you suck.

In the morning:

Nice breakfast....(I wish I had that everyday T^T)
Nice breakfast....(I wish I had that everyday T^T)

Hayate haves breakfast with Hina, and after saying that he needs to find a place to stay fro the next 2 days, Hina suggest that he continues to stay with her, since her mother has no problems with it.


and so Hinagiku and Hayate goes off to school!

Meanwhile at the Sanzenin mansion:

According to Nagi, thats just small change.

Katsura-sensei stops by handing back Hayate’s coat along with the 100,000 yen to Maria, straight after a long line of people gave back the money Hayate gave them the day before, all adding up to 1 million. Making Maria concerned and wondering where Hayate stayed over the night.

So she decides to call Hayate to know what’s going on.

Meanwhile at Hakuo, after Hayate and Hina meeting up with Miki, Hinagike tells Hayate to not tell anybody that he’s staying over at her place. So after Hina turns on her Student Council President working mode, Hayate and Miki goes off to class.

Yet again, another skip, in the manga, Hayate reveals that he hid a school uniform in the Student Body Room to Hina, and then changes into it in the room, where he is confronted by Miki of course watching him change. Whereas in the anime, he is already dressed up at Hina’s house, and everything I mentioned in the manga has been skipped.

-finger wriggling-
-hangs up-

So then after hanging up on Maria, Maria is becomes even more concerned, and so…

It still fits her 34- err I mean 17 year old body?

She decides to wear her old Hakuo school uniform back when she was 10 years old as disguise to infiltrate into the school to track down Hayate.

AND AGAIN, another skip. At this point Nagi would then come in, shocked as to what Maria is wearing, thinking that she’s cosplaying. But unfortunately skipped and just gone from where she changes, explains her motives and suddenly appearing in front of the gates at Hakuo.

Maria 10 years old <3
Flashback of Maria when she was 10 years old <3

But after infiltrating the school, she is already spotted and attracted many by the male students, all secretly whispering…

Was the male school uniform dark navy blue?
Was the male school uniform a bit darker in the first season? Wait, was there ANY appearances of the male uniform or even any male students (excluding Hayate, Wataru and Azumamiya) in the 1st season? o_O
You already noticed?
You already noticed?

So finding another way to blend into the crowd, she decides to wear glasses so that she won’t get attention.

-sparklesparkle- Meganekko!!!!!!!!
Plan backfired!!!!!!
Plan backfired!!!!!!

The meganekko plan failed, which attracted the male student even more, she then decides to use another pair of glasses… This time more geeky <3

This should do the trick!
This should do the trick!

Encountering the tall clock tower (resembling The Big Ben), and already been this far, she decides to go kill time and go up to the Student Body Room. But arriving to the lift in order to go up to the room, she finds Hayate already at the lift.

Hayate is looking away...
You better prepare for yourself Hayate~!

At first Hayate thought that the girl in the glasses was Maria but after thinking that can’t be her in those “ridiculous” clothes he let it slide. Letting Maria taking the upper hand. Which makes Maria turns on her mischievous side.

While at the mansion Nagi is seen playing video games and then calls out for Maria for tea, making her realise that she is all alone in the mansion.

To Be Continued.

So that pretty much covers up the whole episode, all based upon the first 5 chapters in Volume 8 in the manga and in the next maybe being based upon the remaining. There maybe more scenes in the manga being cutted and skipped in the anime that I haven’t covered yet but may be included when I spot them, but I did covered most of them thanks to my copy of Volume 8 =P.

So Episode 7 is up next, hoping to be covering the rest of the chapters in Volume 8, the appearance of Shiranui, and maybe a fierce battle between Tama and Shiranui to become Nagi’s Number 1 pet~
So see you next time!

Oh yes, I’ll leave you with a preview of Episode 7 entitled “Struggling with Jealousy!! Ja-pan”. Which is the same title for the 5th chapter in Volume 8 where it’ll be picked of from.




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