International Saimoe League is Back!


OK here to let you all know that the International Saimoé League 2009 is back from its 8-day break! If you have no idea of what ISML is then long story short- its a competition to vote for who’s the most moé character broken up in rounds and knock-out rounds towards the finals. First there was the Aquamarine Period, then the Topaz Period, and now the Amethyst Period!

Click here to go to the ISML homepage!

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Click here for schedules!

As you see the above image its my votes for the 1st round for the Amethyst Period, to see more of my votes and earlier ones click here!

So until then~!

PS. VOTE 4 INDEX EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!