London MCM Expo May 2009 Over the Horizon


It seems that “The UK’s Largest Entertainment Show” London MCM Expo is around the corner with just under 2 weeks to go, taking place on May 23rd-24th 2009 at the ExCeL Centre in the Royal Victoria Docks in London. Of course being a sucker I’m likely to attend (if any of you are going you’ll never find me there!!! >:D). Btw as you may witness this is taking place in London in England so to you people overseas aww… Looks like I’ll have to save up money for more Hayate goods =3, and I smell another suuper duuper long blog post coming up…great.

PS. Also take note that this is taking place on the same days that Anime Boston is taking place over in the states.

PSS. Previous Expo back in October 2008 image dump;


There were Yaoi and Hentai stands back in the previous expo in October 2008, selling rare/misc doujinshi, and other various things, so hopefully it comes back this year so I can visit the stands and not get kicked out just because I’m 13 years old ;D

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