Mrs. Katsura Season 1 and 2 Comparison

Here we have is a unnoticed yet vague difference of Hina’s mother in between both seasons of Hayate no Gotoku!, as in the 2nd season (JC Staff’s Version) Hina’s mother seems to be young like in her twenties with brunette… red hair? But in the 1st season (SnergySP’s Version), she seems to be the same but kind of older with her apparent “grey” hair.

So does that mean Hina’s mother either visited the Fountain of Youth or either dyed her hair? But with the lack of a original coloured version of Hina’s mum produced by Mr. Hata, we cannot be so sure.

But the first appearance of Hina’s Stepmother in the Manga (Episode 2, Volume 8) She seems quite elderly with the slight lines of wrinkles around her cheeks.

With thanks to Woxxy of Foolrulez for letting me in on this.