ZOMG! Shiny Shinx!!

ZOMG! Level 10, female, and no cheats or hacks used!!

After my previous post yesterday with the recent UK release of Pokemon Platinum, I’m on my second day continuing my quest to be a “Pokemon Master”. Defeating the Oreburgh City Gym leader, defeated Galactic Grunts and got myself a Poketch in just one day. Until just this morning where I continued straight after waking up in bed where I started hunting down a Buizel to add to my party outside the Valley Windworks, then suddenly out of the blue, while I was hunting, a super awesome rare shiny Shinx appeared! OMGZ! As seen above~

Just thinking it was just a negative screen colour (was looking at the screen from a wide angle) I was just about to hit Run, and until I realised, I was all fired!

Catching it wasn’t really hard at all (since my main Pokemon was around Level 20) all I did was thrown a Pokeball, first it failed, then on the second try, YES! CAUGHT IT!!!

Here’s the info for more proof;

Just what more wonders await me tonight…

PS. London MCM Expo tomorrow~! (Well it starts today but I’m going tomorrow (Sunday))

-currently working on HnG Ep 8 post-

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