Hayate no Gotoku!! 08 (Part 2)

At long last. It’s here. Despite the fact that Episode 9 is coming out tomorrow… But nevertheless… This part of the episode is strongly recommended for Isumi fans since there’s heavy frequent appearances and fanservice of Isumi here, oh and also a random fanservice shot of the Hakuo trio. Not much skipped over from the original manga version (Chapter 83) since a chapter pretty much fits in for about 10 minutes or so…

After the antics at the Sanzenin Mansion we now lay our scene in fair Hakuo Academy. I gotta stop watching Romeo X Juliet… Where Nagi, Isumi, Wataru and Hayate are out in the fancy lunch tables area where Nagi tells Isumi that she has a new kitten called Shiranui. After saying that he’s a black male, and really tiny and cute, Wataru buts in and says Tama used to be cut too. Nagi makes a comeback and says that even though he’s a little mischievous, he’s still cute. Leading on Wataru informing Hayate that if he lets her raise him, she would produce yet another messed up cat.

Nice touch with the fangs.

Isumi then imagines her having fun with a cat which lead to…

I still lol at this pic~

Then after reminisce, Isumi blushes after thinking of a embarrassing moment. -aww factor- Isumi then suggests that she would come over to Nagi’s place to meet Shiranui. Nagi then suggest that how about she’d come over after school, Isumi agrees but first she says she has to go home and change clothes. Which then lead the conversation off topic to the subject of Isumi wearing traditional Japanese kimono-styled clothes and breaking the rules at Hakuo by not wearing the official school uniform. Isumi denies that she’s breaking the rules, and says that…

Damn right!

So to sum it up, Nagi implies that Isumi doesn’t like the uniform. Hayate then understands and says that Isumi is a freedom fighter who doesn’t abide by rules. So going back to the main topic, Isumi will come over to Nagi’s place after school. -end of scene at Hakuo-

So after school at the Sanzenin Mansion, Isumi meets Maria at the front door, Maria then escorts Isumi to where Nagi and Shiranui is, on the way Maria asks trivial questions to Isumi, and while passing by the room where Tama is still being locked up in an animal abusing cage from the last part, Isumi feels a twisted aura emanating from the room, Maria says not to worry about it and continues walking on, meanwhile inside the twisted aura room…

I still think this is Animal Abuse...
I still think this is Animal Abuse...

and so, when they got to where Nagi and Shiranui, Nagi shows Shiranui Isumi and Isumi Shiranui, and just before Isumi was about to hold him..


Then the narration kicks in talking in a dramatic voice, stating that Isumi is the most powerful girl in the history of her clan, who banishes evil spirits for generations, but at the same time, she’s only 13. Which then makes Isumi very sad and is then in despair. (ZETSUBOUSHITA!!)

Isumi then is magically transported back to her mansion, gets her calligraphy set out, and writes out all the crying sound effects she’s crying out. Making her butlers concerned for her. Isumi then realises that she has to change, after reading an apparent catch phase from Mask Rider Ryuki… I would type it out but nah…

So Isumi goes over Sakuya’s place and asks her for advice on how to be liked by cats, Sakuya says that she made a good decision that she came to her and says some other about inducing lines that Isumi agrees to but doesn’t understand at the same time. So later on, as a joke Sakuya shows Isumi how to be liked by cats physically, so what better to do then to wrap Konbu seaweed around her head, since she’s wearing Japanese style clothing, and hold a dried bonito fish in her right hand since cats love dried bonito, then light it on fire, and what do we got;

What a coincidence, I had Miso Soup when I watched at that point...

So after been made a fool out of by Sakuya, Isumi decides to leave defeated, but Sakuya begs her to stay and confesses that it was a joke.

and so to get rid of the Konbu seaweed she takes a bath in the Sakuya’s mansion, and what a surprising outcome since the following was skipped in the manga so this is like an extra is that we are treated by some onsen fanservice, a first in the second season, but the random appearance of the Hakuo trio was kind of uncalled for…

Isumi then changes back into her traditional Japanese clothes after just coming out of the bath, and that made Sakuya realises she wears the same traditional clothing everyday, so that maybe its the clothes she’s wearing that might intimidated Shiranui, and suggests that maybe she’d have a change of clothes and wear modern-day clothing. Sakuya goes on and suggests/persuades her wearing a frilly skirt like Nagi often wears. Isumi still unsure but Sakuya goes with the initiative anyways and calls up her maids to help her change.

10 minutes later;

They actually retained the original clothing and posing shot in the manga... Nice.

Isumi becomes embarrassed because of the super short mini skirt she’s wearing. Sakuya then suggests that they go visit Nagi, and what Isumi thoght of straight after…..


and just about they were to go;

Moe Moe Kyuun!!! =D
Moe Moe Kyuun!!! =D

Despite that Isumi doesn’t want to go in the clothes she’s wearing, Sakuya takes her anyway…

Mega blushh!

After they’ve arrived at Nagi’s place Nagi and Hayate understands Isumi’s change of clothes is to be liked by cats and compliments on her clothes thinking how cute they are. But then the conversation deepens and Nagi says that having a change of clothes doesn’t change the way of cats to think, Hayate agrees, and so Isumi, after realising she’d been fooled again;

Hayate then has an idea if Isumi really is hated by cats by using his so-called “Magic Trick”.


Super Crucial Moment!
Super Crucial Moment!

After having Shiranui in Isumi arms, Isumi asks Hayate what he did just now, Hayate says that he sprayed a mild solution of Catnip Extracts, and he goes on saying that it’s not good if you spray on too much, and the reason that Isumi is hated by cats was because if the kind of scent in her traditional clothes cats dislike. Isumi realises the trivial matter of a cats tastes, Hayate says it is an animal, and Sakuya buts in to wrap things up and says;

A happy ending?

and so, after being made a fool out of twice;

and thats pretty much it, in the manga. The reason I say manga is because is that in the anime, this goes on with extras that didn’t happen in the manga (it might’ve but didn’t show to fit it all in 16 pages?). So for the extras, we lay our scene outside Nagis mansion where Nagi and Isumi are having fun with Shiranui;

Then Hayate and the neglected Tama seem, and after realising Nagi has forgiven Tama for what he did in the last episode, he cries tears of happiness and run up to her;

…and so there frolic and fun continues, but what Isumi didn’t know was that while she was having fun, she was being spied on and being photographed, and thus;

That meddling Sakuya! -lolface-
That meddling Sakuya! -lolface-

and that’s pretty much it for this episode!

Phew! Made this in time just after Episode 9 came out, not much stuff in the manga has been skipped upon in this episode really, except for the Tomorowo Taguchi narrator refer to in the manga and also the extra scenes with the onsen and outside Nagi’s mansion, all ’round this was a good episode.

So after watching HnG Episode 9 live on Keyhole it seems that the episode is based on of Chapter 10 in Volume 8 and the first chapter in Volume 9 in the manga, so it’s about Sonia saving Saki by having Wataru kissing her on the cheek as the catch and Yukiji’s plan to get married and get some extra cash and stuff…

All right so that’s pretty much it for now so until then~