Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 135


I am beginning to do Hayate manga summaries/reviews, to go with my unreadable S2 anime summaries, -sob-.

Previously in the last chapter; (Chapter 134)
The priest has come to terms that he’ll finally rest in peace and will ascend to the heavens, much to Hayate’s dismay. But the priest goes on saying that for spirits to remain in the world, it means it has a strong regret and bla bla bla… Meaning he has a lingering attachment that is blocking him from moving on… Which then he reveals that his “lingering attachment is to flirt with a maid, hence his maid fetish. After some intriguing arguements between Hayate and the priest Hayate has an idea that they should “consult with a specialist” which in fact is obviously Isumi. After some rejected ideas from the priest to accomplish his remaining lingerment, he has Isumi dress up as a maid herself and become one and bla bla bla… After some more kicking and punching Isumi agree’s to the priest’s idea, and saying that this is a job for the Saginomiya family, to peacefully ascend ghosts and spirits to the heavens or to the depths of hell…. and bla bla bla… this… that… key points for a maid… spinning and turning, straight back… and so, at the climax of the chapter, Isumi will show the priest the true spirit of a maid, by spinning and turning a couple of times… and some other stuff that I’m not bothered to say… only to be tripped up by the hem of the maid’s uniform’s skirt. -end of the chapter- and now a continuation. (Chapter 135)

Some significant key points that happened in this chapter.

  • Wataru is convicted to have a maid fetish and a pervert by Saki after being told to spin and turn a couple of times after being influences in the last chapter…
  • Hayate and Isumi (who knows where the priest went) turn to Sakuya for advice to have a maid’s spirit
  • The appearance of Sakuya’s newly reformed Maid Café
  • The appearance of one of Sakuya’s maids, Haru. (Which is really Haruka, just to spoil)
  • Haru suggets Isumi to wear a shorter skirt if she’s not good with a long one.
  • Isumi is told to have a forced smile, the key factor for a maid’s spirit.
  • Isumi gives it a go, and yaddah yaddah yaddah…
  • The priest sees everything, hence, he declares that he’s satisfied for Isumi’s peformance and effort.
  • Isumi is glad, and hope for him to happily rest in peace, only to find out that it was an April Fools Joke
  • Carnage breaks out by Isumi after being fooled into by wearing such an embarrasing maid uniform…
  • At the end of the chapter we fnd out that Sakuya’s maid Haru is indeed fact Haruka, one of Hakuo’s School Councils Secretarys.
  • Oh and Maria feeling neglected since Hayate, Isumi and the others were looking for people who’re maids with a maid’s spirit despite the fact that Maria is a maid…
  • Nagi making hardly and appearances except for the last panel.


Next time, Shiranui gones missing in the Sanzenin Mansion all because of Tama, and so Tama goes to rescue him, is all I can say for now. Also some more back story as to how Nagi met Tama in Africa.

Something I did for FoOlz...I think
Something I did for FoOlz...I think