Kannagi 14 – Special


Hidden away in the anime’s 7th and last DVD volume of Kannagi, there’s a special 14th episode that unfortunately didn’t manage to air on TV due to broadcasting schedules, so the producers decided it’ll be like a OVA and slap it in the last DVD volume of the anime when it comes out, and thus, it did.

I’m guessing that this is an original story in the anime since I didn’t see this happening in the manga, or maybe it’ll happen in future chapters I don’t know… But the key things that I find kind of smitten ed is the lack of BGM playing through each episode in the series and the slow plot development, despite there weren’t any traces of fillers in the anime, since its based upon chapters 1-18 in the manga. For example, in episode 12, about 20% of the whole episode we see Jin wandering in the empty house all emo since Nagi ran away from home because of him yelling at her, for like 5-6 minutes! With no BGM whatsoever, so it was basically all like a typical episode of Big Brother broadcasting live coverage of a housemate all bored and doing typical things around the house for an hour or so, sheesh…

Well on the main topic, this special was pretty average to me, Shino and Takako somehow finds a wad of cash in the middle of the pedestrian while walking to school in the morning without anyone else nearby to pick it up, and what better to do with the money she found? To shoot a pointless film with no actual real sense of plot, kind of like Nagi’s manga in Hayate of course.

But due to the lack of money in the budget, the movie became suckish and really bad. Plus some more rivalry action between Zange-chan and Aoba. And because of Akiba’s notorious sense of perfection of waiting for the clouds to pass by, to have a clear blue sky for a perfect shot, failed due to an obvious storm slash typhoon passing by. When inside the art club room for some reason, they had to change into their school swimsuits because of their wet clothes from the wild typhoon storm.

So with everyone inside and all gloomy and bored, Akiba decides to play an old far-out retro game from the old 80s. Daitetsu and Jin play along, and the game turns out to be fun, despite the fact that they all thought that the game will suck at the beginning… While Takako rifles through the stuff in the room, she discovers a over due DVD from a DVD rental store. Then Akiba says that it was for reference for him to write out the script for that pointless movie. Some argument occurs and Akiba is forced to return the overdue DVD to minimise the late fees, and then is forced to go out into the storm/typhoon…

So for some blatant reason everything comes all dramatic as they all fought who’ll be returning the DVD, after some considerations Akiba, Daitetsu, Jin and Nagi will face the storm/typhoon and head to the DVD rental store together, the plot becomes more ridiculous and overly more dramatic as Daitetsu and Akiba are wiped out and cannot go on and asks Jin and Nagi to go on without them.

As nightfall darkens the storm finally blows out and Jin and Nagi makes it to the Rental Store. When they returned the DVD the clerk asked for the late fee, and soon Jin realised he forgotten his wallet with his money inside, he turns to Nagi if she has some, she says she doesn’t making the whole quest kind if worthless… The next day, the movie is somehow complete, and everyone is all disappointed due to the poor quality of the movie, and afraid of what Takako will think, Shino says not to worry since she’s “always thinking of the future”. And what happens next? Takako finds a truckloads of money right where she found the wad of cash the previous day, what cunningly things she’ll attempt at next? Well be depressed since thats the end of the episode. End of summary.

To make the long story short:

  • Takako finds 100, 000 yen
  • They decide to make a crappy movie
  • During the heavy storm they attempt to return the over due DVD
  • Mission failed due to the lack of Jin’s wallet.

Just as I said earlier this episode was alright, but kind of ridiculous… but what kind of intimidated me was the weird swiggly art and animation, now it seems as though Jin has the arms of Daitetsu… and the males school shirt looks kind of baggy… Well it has been just over 5 months since the TV broadcast ended so this is a good episode for Kannagi fans who’re missing the anime version :).

So for this episode I give it 7/10.

(ZOMG rating!!) Nice addition for the fans after watching the original run and kinda poor animation quality.

and to end this post here some more low quality screen shots of the episode. (LQ the reason for the swiggly animation?)

Playing an onld retro game while wearing swimsuits...
Playing an old retro game while wearing swimsuits...wut
Cool story brah

Just wonder how will the virginity case of Nagi will turn out when Takenashi-sensei decides to jump-start the series again…