Caught Rotom and Defeated the Stubborn Fantina!


Two weeks has passed since the UK release of Pokemon Platinum, and betting that all the die-hard Pokemon fans here have already dashed through the game and defeated the Elite 4 in just under a week, I’m still going at a slow rate since I’m on the computer more than on the DS now D: and I’ve finally caught a Rotom which I tried over 20 times with turning my DS on and off over and over, but the random number generator was being a pain all the time until it gave in :D, and also defeated the wretched Fantina in the process. Fantina at the moment is the toughest I’ve fought yet, just beaten Wake, the Pastoria City’s Gym Leader in Diamond. With her updated team full of ghost Pokemon, and my team consisting of Prinplup, Staravia, Buizel and 3 other HM Pokemon, Buizel was the only guy in my team that can properly face the ghost legion with its might dark move attack Pursuit, and you know that Dark type moves is the strongest against Ghost types moves. But suddenly, almost at the end of the battle with Fantina’s Drifblim, Buizel left me and was unable to carry on, due to Haunter’s special ability of placing curses on its foe after fainting by taking away chunks of the foe’s HP. But Prinplup as its sub (since Staravia stand no chance against Drifblim, since its a Flying and Normal type, and Normal type won’t work against Ghost) was able to and successfully defeat Drifblim by a lucky flinch, from its ineffective Metal Claw and also since Fantina already used her Super Potion once earlier on.

With Fantina defeated and Rotom caught, now its the 3rd face off against my rival (Ryuichi, I named him :D) and has yet to be started, and that is pretty much what I have to say for now.

Here are some condemnatory screen shots of the Roton I caught and my awesome trainer card and the collection of Gym Badges to end post, so until then~!