It appears that Gurren Lagann’s heroine Yoko (also known as her seiyuu Marina Inoue) has recently started her career as an idol, ever since she starred in a shonen mecha action anime a few years back. Starting with her debut single “S.t.a.r.S”, which can be found in the “Kirameki Yoko – Pieces of Sweet Stars” box, and also adapted into a saucy music video animation, directed by none other than character designer Atsuchi Nishigori. Nishigori personally planned and directed the entirely new footage for the song’s music video. The DVD will also include an interview with Inoue and a booklet with over 130 pages of storyboards, original drawings, and designs.

There are some carbon copies of the MV lurking around on YouTube, but the most significant I found on YouTube, was that most of them were flagged and you have to have a YouTube account with your age over 18, due to the ecchi and revealing oppai scenes included, but some still remain not flagged so you better be quick to watch it befor its gone!

But heres one I managed to fish out;


Yoko in many s
Yoko in many fan-service-inducing clothes
The Gurren
The animated version of Gurren Lagann - Guren Gakuenhen spin off manga that unfortunately ended in 6 chapters.
Yoko + Nia Fanservice shot
Yoko + Nia Fanservice shot
Yoko Beach Oppai shot
Yoko Beach Oppai shot
Yoko + Neko = 3
Yoko + Neko = <3
Yokos censoring d
Furry? O.o
Yokos Sexy Seductive Look :D
Yoko. In Shojo art style
Yoko. In Shojo art style

The music video varies in school girl themes, heavy fanservice, and irrelevant scenes that you see a lot in music videos these days, all centring around Yoko of course.

So for those who have a bit of money on them and maybe a credit card/paypal, the boxset is out now.

2 thoughts on “S.t.a.r.S

  1. Power October 3, 2009 / 17:31

    Not suitable for kids under 18!
    Good thing I’m not..

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