With the planned official release of the ED of the 2nd season of butler in-debt anime Hayate on June 10 this week, there seems to be retailers in Japan and online that is selling the album a few days earlier than the official release (I only found out about this yesterday), most likely either leaked/pre-order or some random illegal way I presume. Then just under a few hours the album made its way on to the Internet and is then putted up for download! (Use your instincts to find it, I’m not going to show links to download the song here due to obvious reasons.) So then I began to lurk various areas on the internet as an excuse to not do my homework (like now as I’m writing this) and hey presto I discovered lots of videos of the full ED on YouTube with an average of 400 views and a few ratings shooting up in just under a few hours!

Just to be original here’s the PV of the ED which made of win, starring non other than the ever-loving  Hinagiku and her only! Which is kind of a surprise really;

After listening to the album just under an hour or so (including INST version) I have to admit this song was awesome (like Pandora Hearts ED :D) but was really annoyed due to the lack of translated lyrics and my Japanese vocabulary (like with any other awesome Anime OSTs), even though the first verse is already translated by SS & Eclipse (CR does not sub OP/ED -_-). But after lurking on the net for lyrics, I found the english translated lyrics from gendou.com;

h i n a hinagiku
what color are you today? I flash a smile at you.
It makes me nervous whenever I do.
There was never a promise, I like to keep everything straight.
chances to get close to you mesmerize me. cheap knock knock


Where is my answer? (right here)
I’m at a loss and my colorful pure heart goes wild.

everybody sprouting sprouting *1*
Thank you for saying you love me. (thank you)
I’ve also liked you too.
more today (more) more tomorrow (that’s right)
I want to arrange things with colors of my choice.

Thank you to even the tears I shed. (You lost to him)
The wind blows to call me to go into full bloom (fu *blowing noise*)
I’ll say yes.

So I’m in full bloom today! Watch my maximum feminity.

Judging from the words I then felt kind of gay really since I’m a guy and I tend to sing along with the ED since Episode 3… crap.

The album comes with 3 versions, featuring one of the characters from the show, which are The Class President Trio (the original), Ayumu and Yukiji.

In my opinion Ayumu’s version is the best because during the duo part it doesn’t really sound like her normal voice, but kind of like that of a vocaloids voice like Hatsune Miku, but later on her normal voice comes back.

Well yeah, just wait until for the future OP/EDs…


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