Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 137


This  post contains spoilers of Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 137. Read at your own risk of rule 34. Just kidding. Hit the jump button to read on. Or that you’re already on the page…never mind.

With the recent scanlated release of Hayate Chapter 137, Tama’s adventure rages on!


Continuing on from the last chapter, with Tama and Shiranui separated in an unknown city, Tama is on undercover (hiding in a nuclear waste bin) to not be seen by anyone due to the influence of the recent encounter of the Anaconda Snake exposed to civilisation and had to be put down because of its ferociousness. Also with a witness telling Hayate that Tama and Shiranui has left the mansion by a truck passing by delivering Nagi’s goods. Hayate has no other option than to go rescue him.

On the other side of town, after almost getting killed by a giant demolition steel ball, Tama runs off to some other unknown place, thinking of what to do now to get back to the mansion under a broken cardboard box, so the first prioty to acomplish first was to find Shiranui, and what a convenient time slip Shiranui appears! With Tama accomplishing his first goal now he has to find a way to get back to the mansion, with no GPS or Sat-Navs, he cunningly thought of an idea to use the power of the internet and use the people’s help from their but needed a phone to start. Shiranui knew what the situation was and then jumped into Izumi’s clothes from the top, Tama had no idea of what the perverted cat was doing, until he jumped out and showed Tama what he got after the uncalled for practice, and hey whadd’ya know its Izumi’s phone! And to top off the convenience the phone is the latest model with all the latest technology and software installed on it.

So Tama then went onto the GPS and use it to find where they were and to find a route back to the mansion, on thing is that they didn’t even know the mansion’s address. So as an alternative he went onto an online forum and called for help. After a few minutes replies started to flood in, and much for Tama’s dismay most of the replies were mostly flames including a moé ASCII pic of similar to Moetan saying to stop making crappy threads (I think I’ve met this situation before…). But several minutes later some helpful replies came in and one of the replies (from “igan3w”) suggested that of it was a serious thread, if he had a phone then wouldn’t he just simly call a friend who knows the address to his destination. After realising that and the fact that Izumi is a friend of Nagi, he quickly then entered the phone book, searched for “Sa” and finally then wallah! Tama found the exact location of the Sanzenin Mansion! With that found out he wrote that the problem is solved on the forum and hurried back home under a nuclear waste bin so that people won’t recognise him. And after thinking about Shiranui for what he’s done for him in the past hour he realised he ran off some where!

Tama becomes shocked since he finds Shiranui playing with a rubber duck in the middle of the road, Tama unsuspectingly shouts for him to get off the road, saying that its a death flag. But what to put more pressure like any other time in this manga is that a truck is driving by that is chances by luck in the lane where Shiranui is playing. So with his identity of a deadly tiger and the life of a little kitten on the line, Tama had no choice than to push Shiranui out of the way to save him. The what better way to put a cliched moment in the manga is that Hayate unsurprisingly steps in to save both Tama and Shiranui by holding onto them and jumping up in the air to let the truck pass by. With that all cleared up after a short lecture from Hayate, the public becomes all intimidated because of Tama exposed without the waste bin covering up his identity and panics.

Hayate steps in and saya that he can’t possibly be a Tiger, and says that its a man in a suit, since there can;t possibly be Tigers in Japan and his shape and figure is not that of a real tiger, the crowd relives and all laugh at their reactions to a disfigured Tiger. After just being indirectly humiliated by not being acknowledged as a real tiger but a disfigured animal costume as a revenge by Hayate for what he said in the previous chapter, Tama attacks him as the visual shot goes up into the sky. Back at the Sanzenin Mansion, Nagi asks Hayate where he went, Hayate answers that he had minor things to to. About to leave the room Hayate suggests Nagi that she should go outside once in a while, Nagi then replies that in this day of age, you can connect to the rest of the world even inside your house, Hayate says back she always say that, but Nagi replies that its true, and she even helped a person that day. And at the last panel, it reveals that Nagi was this “igan3w” person from the forum that helped Tama to return to the mansion.

Gotta say this was a great mini story arc, and it also reveals more about Tama’s background and also Nagi’s in the process. Also included some new characters like this Jenny person who is apparently 4 years old but looks like a woman in her 20s in Nagi’s visual flash back and also is a Ninja. Looks like that the last time we’ll be seeing her.

So in the next chapter (Chapter 138 – KEEP ON DREAMING) it looks like Hayate and Nagi will be starting to work part time at the Cafe Donguri, if you remember in the White Day Arc in Volume 12 Hayate tries to make chocolates to give to Ayumu since she gave Hayate some on Valentines Day, but fails to do so since due to the amount of customers coming in the cafe when he’s around. Ayumu seems to be working there part time as well, mostly so that she can earn some money for various things. And many adventures and wonders will happen after that!

Just wait until you see Maria in casual clothes in Chapter 140. -lick-

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