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Alright, truth to be told that this is (at the moment) the best episode I’ve seen so far in this second series, well mostly because of the appearance of Athena (but her face isn’t shown god damn it!!) but nevertheless JC Staff did a pretty good job with this episode and how they lay-ed out 3 chapters (Chapter 87-89) from the manga, also I guess they didn’t miss anything out? Hmm…

The episode starts off with a memory (or a dream in which this case) which Ayumu goes through in her sleep of the time when she first met Hayate, she was somehow speeding along a very steep hill which is not really common these days but apparently so in the anime world, and just about she was about to crash, Hayate steps in to rescue her!

How Hayate's arms are struggling, or maybe not.

So just any other clichéd dream Ayumu wakes up from the ridiculous fantasy and realises it was a dream (Yume in Japanese, I think). So while doing the ordinary morning stuff Ayumu reminisces the day when she first met Hayate and maybe suffered a love-at-first-sight disease, but being a romantic dream she had expected the dream to be more romantic (wasn’t that already enough? O.o) and then wonders whats Hayate doing at that point.

We then go over to the Sanzenin mansion, where Hayate, out of the blue, asks Maria what does she want that will make her happy, Maria asks what made him ask that question, Hayate answers that it just “crossed his mind” and “wondered what she would want” (Obviously for those who don’t know is that Hayate is looking for a present to give to Hina for her birthday). So without haste Maria replies for “an alternative name for “withdrawn” and “NEETs”, Hayate becomes a tad disappointed, since he wasn’t looking for an answer like that.

A neetomori?

Hayate suggests something which is related to what trendy young girls would like to have, Maria understands and says since February is almost over, she would like some Spring clothes. Hayate is a little surprised when he says that even Maris is even interested in thins like fashion. Maria twitches,  and becomes suspicious as of why Hayate asked her that, and goes on to misunderstandings that maybe Hayate has a girl he likes and wants to get her attention.

Busted. =P
Busted. =P

Hayate disagrees and says its nothing like that, and then has the “urge to go shopping”. Maria calls out for Hayate to stop, and grunts that she’s a girl too. Looks like her femininity is decreasing lately…

So in the shopping district, Hayate is strolling and thinking what Hina would like for her birthday, so what better thing to look for first than clothes, but since Hina’s family is wealthy and rich, Hayate believes that it couldn’t be just any kind of clothing. Hayate looks around a shop and finds a pretty bright yellow camisole, Hayate asks the clerk how much it was, but then he realises it was 32,000 yen (around $320/£160).

The Economical Climate as of today?

Hayate immediately walks out of the shop, thinking that girl’s clothes are too expensive, with the clerk outside of the shop glaring at him and calling him a cheapskate in her thoughts. So with clothes out of the question Hayate goes and thinks of something else, he then thinks about Jewelry, then declines since it’ll be even more expensive, he then goes to dolls and stuffed animals, but thinks they’re too childish for Hina, and then he thinks about anime/manga goods or DVDs, but again declines since he thinks that Hina wouldn’t understand any of that stuff, and Nagi would be happy if it were just a rare doujinshi.

Now Hayate is out of ideas and has no idea of he is going to do now, and has come to terms that he doesn’t understand a women’s taste. He then wishes that he had a female friend of the same age as him, and whadd’ya know?

Unannounced plot twist! /sarcasm

Obviously Ayumu appears. After the introductions and trivial talk as to “why are they there”, Hayate says that he’s out shopping, looking for a birthday present for Hina and is in a pinch because he cannot think of a good present to give to her, and is thinking of finding a girl her age that can help out, wait a minute, smell the irony? So after the realisation that Ayumu is around the same age as Hayate and can help out, the class president trio, Miki, Izumi and Risa , suddenly appear out of the blue and witness the meeting of Ayumu and Hayate.

Alice in Wonderland? =0

Then the trivial talk kicks in, Miki asks Hayate as why he’s in a street full of shops that aimed at females, and suggests that he’s on a date, Hayate disagrees and says that he’s out looking for a gift to give to Hina for her birthday. Miki realises that its the 3rd of March, and blabs on mentions that her birthday is on the 9th of September, Izumi buts in and says that her birthday is on the 21st of June and Risa joins in and says hers is on the 13th of July.

Izumi's Birthday is not far from now...

Izumi goes on and asks Hayate who’s the “cute” girl behind him, Hayate then introduces them to Ayumu, and mentions that she’s her former class mate, Izumi goes on and greets Ayumu, and Risa and Miki does the same thing. Miki adds in and says that they’re all Hayate’s lover, making Ayumu shocked, until Hayate says that they were joking.

Hayate you... gigolo.
Hayate you... gigolo.

So then Ayumu decides to leave them since Hayate is with his friends now and excuses herself on her bike. Hayate calls out for her to stop, but it was no use, Ayumu already left. Risa and Miki asks Hayate that wouldn’t it be better that he were to go after her, Hayate hesitates to answer, but Miki adds in that if he doesn’t, some will get hurt, what this obviously means is that Ayumu’s breaks aren’t working and that fact is that she’s going to crash, just like the time when she first met the butler in-debt.

What are the chance of her brakes not working to any other day?

So obviously then, Hayate chases after to save her, but when he gets there…

Kids, this g
Kids, this is technically not real, so...
...please do not try this at home.
...please do not try this at home.

It seems that Ayumu got better handling bikes. Then as Ayumu asks Hayate that if he’s alright, Hayate tell her if she doesn’t maintain her bike properly, it can be dangerous to ride, like what he said before. This made Ayumu realised that Hayate remembered the first time they met, hence, her awkward dream from the start. We then go back to the Sanzenin Mansion, where Maria asks Nagi what would she like that will make her happy, Nagi says that a rare doujinshi would be nice, making Maria feel like she didn’t have to ask.

...H Doujin? =0
...H Doujin? =0 Sorry I just had to say... heau heau~

We then go back to where Hayate and the rest are, where Hayate is fixing Ayumu’s bike with a random tool box that happened to be nearby (or from the shop behind where Hayate is fixing it) and after Ayumu thanks Hayate for fixing her bike and him remembering the first time they met (bad experience), Miki, Risa and Izumi catch up to see them both alright. They then suddenly leave, with Hayate asking where they were going, Miki says that they were going to buy Hina’s birthday present.

Carrying on with the topic of Hina we now head over to Hakuo Academy where Hina was, obviously helping out Kyonosuke with study sessions for students to do well in their exams, after the trivial talk with Hina wondering where the trio went off to, since they didn’t attend the study sessions, Hina wonders off into the shopping district to see if they were there. But with a surprise Hina finds the 3, but also Ayumu and Hayate together with them discussing about something, so Hina’s instincts tells her to hide around the corner and eavesdrop on what they’re talking about, and realises that they were talking about what were they going to give Hina for her birthday.

First, Hayate has an idea to give her a cute stuffed animal, since sh has a childish side, this makes Hina twitch and annoyed. Izumi suggests flowers or Roses, Miki declines, saying that she can be careless some of the time, so she might hurt herself with the thorns, this makes Hina twitch even more and even more annoyed. Risa has an idea of a video game, like a DS or a PSP, Miki immediately declines yet again, saying that she’ll break it right off the bat.

Ayumu becomes a tad disappointed and suggests something like clothes and jewelry. Miki surprisingly agrees, but then goes off topic and suggests that Military clothes and a set of Brass Knuckles would look good on her. Now Hina is in a really bad mood.

Gangster like, ain't it blad? lol

So then Miki decides they should split up into 2 groups to look, obviously the groupings will be Hayate and Ayumu, and the Class Presidents. As they all split off and go off into opposite directions, Risa thinks that choosing a present fot Hina is going to be difficult, Miki agrees and thinks Hina would be happy just by getting a soccer ball or something, and claiming that she’s a boy inside. Hina unsuspectingly shows up and questions them who is a boy inside. The trio is shocked by the sudden appearance, and tries to get out of it and what Miki meant was “Hyenas a really just like Dumb Boys”.

Just look at the evil aura...
Just look at the evil aura...

Hina tell them to not lie, and to let them know that if they keep cutting the study sessions they’re going to fail the exam, so Izumi apologises on behalf. Moving on Hina mentions about Hayate being with them earlier on, Izumi says that Hayate was looking for her present, and Miki implies that he was obviously on a date, making Hina a bit concerned.

We then go over to Ayumu and Hayate’s side where they where walking together with the awkward silence, Hayate apologises to Ayumu for dragging her into all of this, Ayumu says she doesn’t mind, and thinks that when they’re together like that, it feels like they’re on a date. But since Ayumu has past experiences to being rejected and all of the other stuff, she believes that this moment of happiness isn’t going to last long, and thinks this is going to all end soon in a cruel punch line, Ayumu awaits for the cruel punch line to come up since she’s already been “happy enough”. So then since they’re at the ice cream booth Hayate asks and offers her if she want;s any ice cream, she thinks that was the punch line, but was in fact a normal line, and gets all intimidated.

Plan failed =P

After some trivial talks, Hayate realises that they haven’t talked like this in a while, Ayumu reluctantly agrees, and carries on saying that finding a gift for Hina is difficult, but he’s also wondering what he’ll give to Ayumu in return, Ayumu asks what for, and Hayate mentions the chocolates on Valentines Day, making the conversation a tad awkward.

After remembering the “embarrassing” valentines day encounter, Hayate apologises for bringing the moment back, Ayumu says don’t worry, since she says she was the one who mad it awkward. Hayate goes on and says he’s really insensitive, but he was never been told something like that by a girl before, meaning that he didn’t know what to do. Ayumu carries on and says that she never said anything like to anyone except Hayate. Making that even more awkward then before.

To get out of the mood Ayumu makes a run for it and says an excuse for the Ice Cream getting onto her hands, so she’ll go and wash it off, while think that if she’s a nuisance to Hayate, and betting that Hayate really doesn’t like her.

At this point, the ice creams Hayate brought somehow vanished in to thin air, as Hina and the rest step in, a cute girl  that likes Hayate so much, wondering what Hayate is so dissatisfied about.

Hayate is surprised to see everyone, including Hina, as Hina mentions that this is her way home. Then Izumi implies that if she sees a classmate involved in a scene ripped off from the pages of romantic comedy, it “naturally twitches her interests”. Risa has an idea and asks Hayate that if he’s interested in Boys, as her Excalibur says. Hayate disagrees a tad disappointed.

Is Hayate really gay? =0
Is Hayate really gay? =0

Hayate then explains that he doesn’t hate Ayumu at all, and carries on saying he was happy when he heard she likes him, also she helped him a lot when they attended the same school together, and he’s very grateful, and mentions he currently hasn’t got the right to go out with a girl. Hina asks why, and Hayate responds that he doesn’t have the financial skills to support a girl (As in not enough money to support a girl…). Which made Hina not expecting a weird excuse, she then asks what he was talking about, and then means hypothetically what century he lives in.

Hayate says he was being serious, and goes on saying that if a guy wants to go out with a girl properly, the guy has to be dependable to support her in a life time, and then carries on saying that’s what his ex told him (As in ex-girlfriend).


This remark makes all the girls surprised, just finding out that Hayate once had a girlfriend, and then quickly jumps questioning Hayate that he actually had a girlfriend. Hayate goes on replying that it was when he was in kindergarten. The girls then shouts at Hayate to not make any confusing statements. Hayate then tells them the time back in his childhood when his ex told him all the time.

Now the next scene, in my opinion, is the best part of the episode, where Athena appears! :D But only showed her back profile, not her face :( Voiced by the mighty Kawasumi Ayako, known for her roles in many animes such as Ah! My Goddess (movie) as Morgan Le Fay, .hack//Legend of the Twilight as Hotaru, Shakugan no Shana as Yoshida and many more.

The next godly scene then turns into a flashback to the time when A-tan lectures Hayate that if he wants to date a girl, he has to be financially dependable for life so that she won’t have to go through any hard times. Hayate asks her that being financially difficult for life kind of difficult, the A-tan charges at him saying that if a man couldn’t accomplish that then they have no right to go out with a girl and kicks him in the stomach. Athena asks Hayate that if he understands now, and Hayate says that his stomach hurts, and A-tan replies that’s the pain of love, Hayate (shota) disagrees and believes its the pain of being kicked. End of flashback.

The awwsuum A-tan
The awwsuum A-tan

After the explanation Hayate says that was how he was “physically” taught. Hina now understands how Hayate became so twisted was because of that “evil little girl” (lol), and Ayumu from afar finally understands now for sure that Hayate doesn’t hate her after all, and that makes her glad (even though she has no expression since she heard that Hayate once had a girlfriend). And so that ends the hunt for Hina’s present! So for the second half of the episode, it’ll all happen around the Sanzenin Mansion.

So back at the Sanzenin Mansion, Nagi says she was worried that Hayate got into trouble again, Hayate chuckles and says he isn’t like he is unfortunate all the time, and carries on saying he just went out to buy a birthday present for Hina. Nagi understands, but giving it a second thought…

I raaage!

Nagi twitches and becomes a bit jealous, and then asks why Hayate is planning a birthday present for Hina, Hayate explains that she helped him out a lot and so hence, the present, Nagi jumps back and says just because she helped him out, he shouldn’t be giving any presents to any girls but her, and half way thought she hesitated a bit since what she said was a bit embarrassing for her. But then out of the blue, Hayate gives Nagi a cute hairpin he found and brought for her, and tries to be all defensive and says since its kind of cheap, she might not really like it.

Nagi disagrees with what Hayate said, and goes on with her rare speeches, saying its not whether if its expensive or not, but whats important is the giver’s heart, and is about how much thought is put into it or something, and thanks Hayate for the gift in a heartwarming mood, and she says she’ll take good care of it. But putting that aside, Nagi then mentions back to Hina’s present.

So the hairpin wasn’t enough to distract her. :( And that is about it for Nagi’s appearance for this episode.

Later on Hayate goes over to where Maria was and explains that he went off to buy Hina’s birthday present, hence, the reason why Hayate asked that weird question to her earlier on. Maria is impressed about Hayate, since not only he brought a present for Hina, but Nagi too, and says that was very thoughtful of him. Hayate flatters, and then asks with the theme of birthdays, to Maria as to when its her birthday.

This causes Maris to pull a trigger in her system, she then goes off topic and says that she has to go to prepare that bath, and tell Hayate to wach the dishes, making Hayate wondering why Maria changed the subject.

While washing the dishes and wondering about Maria’s reaction earlier on for not telling him when her birthday was, Hayate thinks deeper into Maria’s background, and realises Maria is in actual fact 17, and goes even further in and thinks she may have a same background as him, as being in a heavy debt and working as a maid to pay it off, after all the turn outs Hayate thought of, he realised that did he ask the wrong question.

Damn right!
Damn right!

Now Hayate is in a pinch since he doesn’t know what to do, and thinks this is Nagi and Hina always getting mad about him, and believes he hasn’t got the understanding of a woman’s heart. So now he’s thinking what he should do to apologise to Maria. Suddenly Radiostar (The Father) appears before Hayate and suddenly saying get down on his knees and beg, making Hayate jump at his sudden appearance.

Hayate asks why was he doing there, since he thought he already passed on, and asks what he was mentioning with the knees and begging, the Father goes on explaining getting down on your knees is the Japanese way to apologise to a woman, and goes even deeper, to explaining that if you’re French, you would use the Guillotine, and if you’re Russian, you would play Russian Roulette.

Damn right!
Get down on your knees boy!
A bit of trivia here...

So then getting out the mood Hayate thinks that he should just go and apologise to her right away, and quickly does, with the Father behind him wishing him luck. So Hayate goes in every room in mansion, room after room after room, also mentioning that one of the room has Tama acting like a rockstar playing the electric Guitar and so on… Man can’t believe that they carried it over into the anime.

Tama's Secret Fetish

So with almost every room completely checked and wit no Maria in any of them, Hayate gets all annoyed, since in normal situations he would see Maria in a split second (This is only mentioned in the manga, since it mentions panels, which only applies in manga, not anime.) But after hearing a loud scream that sounded a lot like Maria Hayate followed the sound of the cry until…

Maria Fanservice?

Maria quickly jumped onto Hayate like Shaggy would on Scooby Doo, since she saw a cockroach and you may know from the first season of the anime Maria is afraid of Cockroaches. Which happens to be in Shiranui’s mouth. And so…

lolcats. now wif cawkcuroachez.

As Hayate gets rid of the cockroach the producers decide to let the viewers see a beautiful scenery of flowers and also a bit of trivia saying that cats tend to show their owner’s of what they catched.

So after the impossible dispense of the cockroach since Maria is still clinging onto Hayate, Hayate says its alright now and they should get off of each other since its kind of getting awkward…

Looks like something out of a Visual Novel....
Looks like something out of a Visual Novel....

As Maria lets go, pats her uniform, and as a mature young woman, Maria calmly thanks Hayate for what he did and will punish Shiranui later, making Hayate a bit disappointed. So after that mess, Hayate says he needs to apologises, Maria asks why, and Hayate says maybe he shouldn’t have asked about when was her birthday was, and again, it makes Maria a bit depressed and silent. Making Hayate intimidated and asks Maria if he should get down on his knees and beg, Maria giggles, and says he doesn’t have to, and wonders out side and says for now, her birthday is set on the 24th December, Hayate asks “for now”?

Maria then explains that she doesn’t really know when she was born, her birth date, her parents, or even her real name. But she was found by Grandfather Mikado (I guess) under the statue of St. Maria on the fateful night of 24th December, as in Christmas Eve, hence, her given name was Maria, and goes deeper and mentions about the government’s family registry of something…

Nicely done with the scenery here JC Staff.

Hayate once again apologises, and says he wasn’t aware of the circumstances, Maria then says because of Hayate, she had to go through those memories, and then she appears to begin to cry. After seeing Maria about to cry, Hayate is shocked and apologises once again (wth), but Maria was kidding obviously, and mentions things like that can’t make her cry anymore. Then just about she was about finish her sentence, Hayate presents and gives her a stuffed innocent bunny rabbit he brought along with Nagi’s and Hina’s present. And since he thought that the stuffed rabbit was a little too childish for her, he was kind of worried, and after giving him the silent treatment, Hayate reconsiders and asks if she doesn’t want it, so Maria says its not like that, and carries on saying that this is the first present Hayate has given her, so she;ll cherish it, and thanks him for it.

That expression, works every time.
That expression, works every time.

Maria then goes on and says that if its just  little something he brought along with Hina’s present, then she couldn’t imagine what he would give her on the 24th of December, Hayate gives out a blow and shouts to leave it to him, making Maria catching his attention a bit more, and Hayate makes a pledge that he’ll promise Maria that on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, that he’ll give her something much more beautiful as a present. This makes Maria think for a while, Maria then accepts, then says that she’ll look forward to a more beautiful present then whatever Santa brings her, and so Hayate accepts.

Dare I guess what I thik it will be?

Then we go over to Nagi’s bedroom where she puts on the cute hair pin Hayate brought for her earlier on, note that this didn’t appear in the manga, and then we go over to where Maria was where she was watching on TV the stuffed rabbit Hayate brought for her, was actually called “Muffy/Murphy” and was an assassin from hell, but who would’ve thought a cute, innocent rabbit with a halo on to of him was an assassin from hell? Weird of you ask me…

Yaay~ Another turning point in the anime~
Nagi with the hair pin Hayate brought.
Nagi with the hair pin Hayate brought. Looks like the end part of Sakura's staff from Cardcaptors or something...
Muffy/Murphy in his own TV Show!
Muffy/Murphy in his own TV Show!
His voice sounds like an old mans voice...
His voice sounds broken and deep like an old man's voice...

And that pretty much covers the entire episode!

Man, I feel like this is the longest blog post I’ve written yet, I had to finish writing this in under 4 days, so expect some bad grammar use in this summary… Well onto next weeks (or tomorrow’s) episode!

It seems like the Hinamatsuri festival/story arc is about begin, and also Hina’s birthday, including Hayate dressed up in Maids clothes under a curse, also the homo butler of Izumi’s, Kotetsu,  a train otaku, appears to making an appearance, but in the preview on the official Hayate website appears as of Kotetsu has purplish hair, but as in the illustrations in Volume 9 shows him to have white/greyish hair like an old man. Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

PS. Lowered the amount of screen shots for this episode due to insufficient HDD space on my laptop, and apologies for this post to be published the day before the next episode…hehe And here is an condemnatory screen shot of the next episode;

Who could that mysterious person be appearing before Hina!?
Who could that mysterious person be appearing before Hina!?

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