All in a Few Days Work

Since I tend to ramble on and on in my previous posts, I’m going to keep this post about my recent victories and happenings in my Pokemon Platinum adventure short and sweet.

scizzer12 evolved into Empoleon at Level 36! Yaay~

Len evolved into Staraptor at Level 34!! Hurrah~
Woxxy evolved into Luxray!!! (Shiny) Happy Day~~

With my Pokemon’s evolutions done and dusted now onto my victories and stuff;

I've beaten Maylene and Wake! Which makes me now have 5 badges!!
My awesome trainer card as it stands~

Now if you’re now wondering that why it has been many weeks since the release and that I still have only 5 badges and also why I’m so slow progressing at this game since mostly every other people have already completed it and are now doing the stuff after beating the Elite Four, it’s because now that the summer term of school has started for me, things have been in tight schedule for me so I have a limited amount of time for me to do whatever the heck I want, and that includes on the Internet watching animu and reading mango. So yeah basically that sums it up, kind of.

And that ends another post, from being AFK for 3 consecutive days, its been a while since I’ve taken a break from the Internet. But that leads to down sides since hundred of unread items pile up in my Google RSS Reader and lots of Animu to catch up on… and what you’re wondering what I’ve been doing for the past 3 days? I was sitting in my living room all evening watching Chowder on Cartoon Network while procrastinating and finishing up on my homework the dreaded school gave me, and also while listening to anime songs/ost on my phone. But even still as of now I still haven’t even yet completed all the piles of paper yet. Nyeh, I’ll do it tomorrow.

I now end my post.

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    1. Gawd I’m so behind on Platinum… Haven’t played it in months D:

      Currently preparing to battle the 8th and last gym was where I left off I think…


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