Hayate no Gotoku!! 11 – Hermione Appears!

For this weeks episode (or last weeks…lol) I’ll just be cutting out the summary, since I’m guessing you all know what happened and it’s almost been a week since it aired and I was too lazy to post this around the time frame, so instead I’m going on exposing about the sudden changes the producers and directors made for this episode and cut out some of the rambling I do and the screen shots so that your Internet browser will load faster and the chances lowering of it crashing. Click the jump button to read on. Or if you’re already on the page, read on.

By the way this episode is based off of Chapters 91-93 in the manga, and some dialogue from 94.

So the first change they made was the scene where Hina is day-dreaming and thinking why she has lately been having Hayate in her dreams, and then makes a pun thinking its “Love”, but the visuals show fish and carp in the background, this is because in Japanese, Love and Carp are pronounced the same. The she rambles on about Koi and Koi Miso soup and stuff, until Miki steps in asking her what was she talking about. Hina asks her that there’s a boy in her class called Ayasaki Hayate, and asks what is he like, Miki gets out her note-book and rambles on about Hayate’s background and past. Hina says she wasn’t looking for an answer like that. Miki goes on saying that her parents are politicians… and she’s good at research… and says Hina was wearing orange underwear (LOOL). This makes Hina rage and tells her why would she research something like that, so Miki tells her again she’s good at researching, and also she saw her changing earlier on, and adds that they don’t really suit her. Making Hina twitch, and that pretty much covers what happens in the manga.

The most important part of the episode. =D
The most important part of the episode. =D
Koi and Love... nice pun
Carp and Love... nice pun

But in the anime, they completely changed the entire place and totally wiped out the scene where Miki appears and tormenting Hina and just simply places her outside the footpaths around Hakuo. Making Miki have no screen time in this episode.

The second change they made was that they removed the references, probably because of copyright issues and stuff, and the part where Hina tells Hayate he’s good at sneaking up on her behind her back without her knowing, in the manga he asks that is she’s Golgo 13 or something, but in the anime he simply asks that is she a sniper from an unknown nationality. Also skimming through the part where Hina was getting annoyed with Hayate and Hayate and Nagi discussing what was up with Hina’s sudden change in her aura, in the manga, they make copyrighted references including Kekkaishi’s rumoured Zekkai, a Distortion World and an AT Field (Guess where they come from?), but in the anime they just simply ask why was Hina angry and stuff.

Next up is not really a cut but more of an addition, to the scene where Hayate realises he’s wearing Maid uniform, in the manga the background of his discovery is simply a sparkling dimension, like there’s some fanservice going on, but in the anime, they’ve replaced the background and substitute it with the Sound of Music styled background with tall mountains and grassy fields to lighten up the mood, yet strangely entertaining… but overall it was a nice addition.

You tell them Hina!
You tell him Hina!
Thank you for realising, Captain Obvious.
Congratulations for realising, Captain Obvious.

The fourth change is in the second half where Maria is having doubts that Hayate is under a doll maker’s curse that he’s wearing a maid’s uniform and just simply tells him that its alright to tell her if he wanted to wear women’s clothing, which then Hayate tells her that is not the case. In the manga, Maria makes a full explanation in a weird way that could be a reference to some RPG game, that to he has to defeat Hina on the top floor of the Hakuo clock tower to break the doll maker’s curse, and if he fails to do so he’ll live his life as a man who likes to dress up in women’s clothing. But in the anime, they totally skipped this part and just went on ti when Maria tells Hayate that he doesn’t have to make up an unscientific excuse with Sakuya and Isumi and its alright if he wanted to wear women’s clothing and so forth. But most probable its because it’s a copyrighted reference.

Well, youre screwed.
Well, you're screwed.
Another important part in the episode, man he looks hot in that Maid Uniform, in colour.
Nicely said.
Nicely said.
The Sound of Music? lawl
The Sound of Music? lawl
This one was hard to take, but I still failed...
This one was hard to take, but I still failed...

Now the fifth change in the episode is kind of confusing since they re-arranged some of the scenes and dialogue around. Firstly in the manga, Nonohara and Kotetsu are inside some refreshments room with Kotetsu thinking that the Hinamatsuri festival is all pointless and thinking that a festival where boys ask girls out to dance is related to illicit sexual-relationships. With Nonohara totally disagreeing with what he said, and then raising his arm and thus, bumping into Hayate. But in the anime, the whole entire scene has been changed with wiping out Nonohara’s entire existence in this episode and just having Kotetsu walking down in the hallway all pissed seeing all guys asking girls out to dance under the bonn fire, where Hayate was after losing Isumi off his trail. Then bumping into Hayate right there, in the hallway.

Truth be told, I want to too.
I should have bad luck... Heau heau...
My curiosity sensors are tingling!
My curiosity sensors are tingling!

Then with Kotetsu showing some affection just laying his eyes on her (or him…) for the first time, it was love at first sight, if you say so. Then immediately asks for her (him..) name and just about Hayate was about to tell him his real name, he was to quickly think of an alias, and then thoughts of “Ayasaki Hermione” since he already said Aya- before hesitating, and if you may not know, that’s a reference for Hermione in Harry Potter, since Kotetsu then comments that her name sounds like a witch’s name. This also happened in the manga but in a different place.

Full view! Awesome.
Full view! Awesome.
Said in Shiraishis feminine voice.
Said in Shiraishi's feminine voice.
Hermione was a witch?
Paedophilia? =D

Then it get s kind of confusing since then after some dialogue from chapter 94 is thrown into at the end of the episode, in which this case, Kotetsu asking for Hermione/Hayate to go out and dance with him, and then finally confessing his love. This all happened in the manga, but outside where they had coffee and then Izumi would’ve popped up to spoil the fun and telling her butler (Yes, Kotetsu is Izumi’s butler) that Hermione is in fact a guy and “her” real name is in fact Ayasaki Hayate, putting him in despair. But as in the anime, it all happened in the lone hallway where no one else was around.

So that pretty much covers most of the changes in this episode!

Said in the narrator’s tone…

How will Hayate and Hina’s battle turn out? In fact, will Hayate fight in his Maid uniform? The big night has only begun!

To Be Continued in Episode 12, Cruel Big Foolish Guy’s Thesis, which is a reference of Eva’s OP “Zankoku na Tenshi no Theses”, and also I recommend you all to go and download/buy the Hayate no Gotoku Character Cover CD which includes Hina’s version of the Evangelion Opening, which with a slight possibility that it could come up in next week’s (tomorrow’s or should I say…) episode! But maybe…

PS. I’ll try to be more on time next time.