Queens Blade Second Season Announced

Airi. My only favourite character out of the anime. Because maid outfits rule.

Its as you heard, ero clothing abuse anime Queens Blade has been announced for a second season, straight after its final episode that aired today (or yesterday) on the air waves in Japan, just like the failed 2nd season announcement of Hayate announced straight after its 52nd and final 1st season episode. Just as I heard on ANN and Sankaku.

Article taken from ANN;

Queen’s Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono (literally, Queen’s Blade: Inheritor of the Throne, or Queen’s Blade and the evil eye), the second season of the Queen’s Blade television anime series, was announced after the final episode of the first season ran on the AT-X channel in Japan today.

Source: 2channel, Moon Phase Comments

Update: Anime Maker Ōdan Sendenman Blog reports that production on a DVD Volume 0 is being planned. Although the industry blogger cannot discuss the contents of the DVD yet, the blog indicates that the DVD may be released by this summer’s Comic Market in August.

Article taken from Sankaku;

Hentai anime Queen’s Blade will be exploring new perversions in a second season, it has been announced.
Other details are of course lacking, but it is hardly stretching things to suggest this will be an additional 12 episodes late in the year or early in the next.
Given the scope and apparent profitability of the franchise, it is hardly surprising it will be continuing, and there is a plethora of additional characters available to be introduced in the future season(s)…

It seems as so...
It seems as so...

Well to be truthful I didn’t really feel the way I did when I heard that a 2nd season of Hayate had been green lit over a year ago, well, I thought Queens Blade was awesome at first, when I read a short info on the series, all star seiyuu cast including Aya Hirano, Rie Tanaka, Rie Kugumiya and a hentai theme going on, one word in my mind after discovering, sweet. But when it came to watching it, well, I thought it was average, but I would’ve been pissed if I watched the terrestrial version since they censor all the nudity and lewd scenes out, but luckily all the episodes I watched are from the awesome anime satellite channel AT-X.

Not to mention the update on ANN that in the producer of the anime’s blog they had reported of a DVD Volume 0 being planned, another OVA I asked to myself? Well due to the lack of information to any of these announcements for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Time for a Queens Blade review I guess, until I watch the last episode subbed of course :D

Well, to end this post, group photo!



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