Hayate no Gotoku!! 12


Gotta say, this is the most awesome of Hayate I’ve seen yet from JC Staff, this episode proves that JC Staff still has its potential and style, excluding the poor animation quality compared to SnergySP’s, nicely done JC Staff. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about (look at the above image taken from Hayate no Gotoku’s Official Blog) then you should be ashamed of yourself and I suggest you should punch your face in silly 10 times.

After a brief explanation of what the situation left off of last weeks episode (2 weeks?), we’re just at the point where we see Hayate’s reactions after the homo Kotetsu confessed his love to him (While Hayate in cross dress mode of course). And just about he was about to, Izumi pops up out of nowhere!

My moé senses are tingling.
In fact they really are!!!!!!!!!
In fact they really are!!!!!!!!!

This shocks Hayate very much, so then Izumi then asks the couple (lol) to continue on what they were doing and pretend she wasn’t there. Just then Kotetsu was going about to kiss him, but the cunninglist Hayate resists and stops him. Izumi then says she didn’t expect Hayate would “swing that way”, Hayate disagrees and says its not like that. This makes Kotetsu confused since Izumi called “Hermione” as “Hayata-kun”, and just about he was going to ask who was this “Hayate-kun”, Izumi then tells him that Hermione is a guy. Kotetsu didn’t really catch on to that so Izumi explains it more in detail, Kotetsu wasn’t the gullible type, and so he couldn’t believe what she just said, and asks isn’t Hermione too cute to be a guy. Just then Izumi takes out Hayate’s Student ID just to prove Kotetsu that Hermione was in fact, a guy, and that his real alias was “Hayate Ayasaki”.



It seems like Hayate’s Student ID had changed over this past year. Comparing it to the one Hayate received back in Season 1… The most obvious difference between the two are the photographs…

Hayates Student ID back in the 14th episode of Season 1, cookies for you if you can spot anymore difference. Except for his dp.
Hayate's Student ID back in the 14th episode of Season 1, cookies for you if you can spot anymore difference. Except for his dp.

In the manga, instead of Izumi taking out Hayate’s Student ID to prove Kotetsu was actually a guy, she actually asks him to “look for himself”, and then he pulls out Hermione’s clothes to see “her” chest… Mostly because so that he could see her “breasts” and finds out there weren’t any. And I guess we all know why this has been replaced from the anime, despite the fact that it airs on late night TV every Friday at 25:23 (Technically Saturday 1:23am) So there.

This changes Kotetsu’s views on Hermione and now Hayate, and now puts him in despair and anger. Hayate makes a comeback and blames him for making the mistake. Kotetsu then suddenly says to Hayate that just like of all the Woman he’d met, he betrayed him. Izumi gives Hayate Kotetsu’s personal background that to put it in a short and simple form, he’s a Train Otaku, unpopular with the girls and reads Train schedules all the time. Kotetsu then out of surprise takes out his sword he’s been carrying around on his back and attacks Hayate saying that because of people like him, the War never ends, like that makes any sense of relation of this matter.

Life is unfair, live with it.

And so then Hayate makes his escape through a nearby conveniently opened window, Kotetsu obediently follows him, calling him Hermione again in the process, with Izumi the correcting his real name afterwards.

We then head over to outside the campus where Nagi and Maria are, just arrived late as usual, then Hina appears, catching up to Nagi and Maria, along with the SPs behind the two. Hina is surprised since she thinks its very rare to see Nagi to be somewhere crowded, this makes Nagi annoyed and tells her to not speak to her like she’s a NEET, which makes Maria think that isn’t she already one…

Oh yes. Feel the irony.

Getting back on the subject, Nagi then reluctantly gives Hina a present she brought for her, which I believe you all may know, an highly expensive Bvlgari watch. As Hina saw it for the first time, with her lack of knowledge of watches, she thinks the watch looks like its expensive. This makes Nagi believe that Hina doesn’t know that watch is really expensive. And goes on and says that if she doesn’t like it since its a “cheap watch”, she can always take it back. Hina says that’s not true, and thanks her for the present. Nagi goes on and says that since its her, she’ll probably ending up breaking it eventually. Hina disagrees and says she won’t do that.

With that said and done Nagi decides to go home, and just when she and Maria was just about to Hina asks Nagi she should come to school more often, Nagi says she’ll think about it. While walking to the exit, Nagi wonders what happened to Hayate, and asks Maria that she’d told her earlier on the he’d went on earlier with Isumi and the others. Maria suggest that maybe they got lost. This makes Nagi pity for Hayate and says that he’s such a hopeless guy. And a sudden voice from the forest appears and asks Nagi that did she know someone called Hayate. Nagi answers she does and says that Hayate is her butler. So after understanding, Kotetsu makes a sudden move and jumps out of the bush and whaddya’ know? he kidnaps Nagi. And asks Maria and the rest with her to tell Hayate that if he’s a butler, then he should come and rescue his master and some other stuff. As Maria calls out for Nagi as she disappears into the sky.

Sorry I just had to do that.
Sorry, I just had to do that.

Moments after the kidnap of Nagi by Kotetsu, with the SPs all in a panic attack that their Ojou-sama has been kidnapped, Maria had no other choice than to try and deal this situation by herself. This shocks the SPs and asks that how is she going to rescue her and all of the other obscure questions.

To simply put, she used her cellphone, and has gotten through to Nagi. After knowing where Nagi was, knowing the kidnapper’s motives and Nagi’s order for the SWAT team to exterminate Kotetsu after hearing that he fell in live with Hayate. Maria and the SPs are relieved that Nagi is safe from any harm. Maria then tells the SPs what they should be doing right now, and so the SPs are off to find Ojou-sama. After the SPs left Maria is still wondering where Hayate is, and thats where we’ll be heading next!

So after being randomly falling off a cliff to lose Kotetsu’s trail, he realises his maid clothes are transformed into more embarrassing feminine clothes, and is surprised.

Damn the sparkling background.
Damn the sparkling background.

Because of this the curse of the Hina doll, Zepeddo the Doll Maker, appears molesting over Hayate’s cross dress, which resulted for him to be drop kicked. The Doll Maker introduces itself and also reveals that he is the curse of the Hina Dolls, so  an idea sprouted into Hayate’s mind that if he would strangle him then he would be able to break this stupid curse. Zepeddo panics and begs him to don’t do it. But just he does Hayate’s phone rings off. As Hayate picks up the call from Maria, Maria informs Hayate that Nagi has been kidnapped, which causes Hayate to be more in a pinch.

Most definitely, but didn't you do it?

Elsewhere when Hina enters one of the school buildings she is startled by a surprise birthday party! Hina asks Miki what is all this, then Miki responds that this is her birthday party, then Hina goes on asking why is so big and extravagant, then Miki starts off a flashback, to the time when she asks what they should do for her birthday in the student council’s HQ (In the manga this takes place during when they were out shopping in chapters 87-89/Episode 10), Hina says in the flashback she doesn’t want anything extravagant and says she just want to have a nice and quiet dinner with her family (Awww).

So back to reality Miki explains that naturally, they mistook what Hina said and made it as extravagant as possible. Then Hina’s sister Yukiji appears and says that either way, this extravagant party is more fun, and then gives Hina her present, which happens to be a Free Massage Coupon.

Hina then goes over to Miki and asks that wasn’t it hard to hold a large party so suddenly, and then Miki explains that she’s a daughter of a politician, so she’s good at these things, then goes on saying that the problem is, then hesitates and reminisces of the past times he’s been with her, thinking of a certain someone, then mutters something about it would be fine if it where a one-sided affection like Azumamiya, which shows indirectly that Miki has some affections for Hina, wow.

And so starts a Yuri theme.

Miki then goes off topic to cover up what she had just said and asks did she got a present from Hayate yet, Hina says she did get one yet from him, which then makes her remember the time when Hayate declared that he would get her a nice present for her birthday, and wonders if that would link in to the letter, saying that he wants to be alone with her. Which then makes her worried and wonders what she should do. But just about she was about to, Miki then declares that since, The Guest of Honor arrived, Risa asks that should they start, which makes Hina confused. With a little consideration Miki then calls out to everyone else that Hina was about to sing a song for them. But jst about she was going to, we head back to where Hayate is and his situation at that moment.

Continuing on where the scene left Hayate asks Maria where Nagi is being held, Maria says that according to the transmitter she planted to on him and Nagi, which makes Hayate wonder that at what point did she do that, and confirms that running through the festival would be the shortest away, Hayate understands and asks Maria not to worry and says that he’ll definitely rescue Nagi, then Zepeddo butts in and asks that he’s going to rescue her in those clothes, which makes Hayate twitch.

I think I've seen this scenario before...

Zepeddo goes saying that the drop kick he inflicted upon really hurt, and suggests that maybe he should out Hayate into a more embarrassing clothes on, and suggests Hayate that going around the festival would and to avoid being noticed would be a good idea. Hayate’s serious mode kicks in and explains to Zepeddo that this isn’t a curse he’s suffering from, but Divine Punishment, Hayate goes on explaining that recently he’s been only thinking of himself, and because of his selfishness he has put Nagi in danger, and goes on saying that what he should be the most ashamed of is not what he’s wearing right now, but what is in his heart, and even if he’s wearing a maid uniform, he’s still a butler at heart (Double aww).

And now we encounter one the most awesome parts of this episode has to offer, or maybe even out of the whole season, yes, you may know that this the part where Hina sings Eva’s awesome Opening! A Cruel Angel’s Thesis!!

As Hina is suddenly changed into her trademark idol uniform and thrown on stage, Miki announced that Hina is going to sing Yoko Takahashi’s “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”!! Then as the crowd goes wild, Hina is uncertain if she should song or not, since she says that she could’nt sing, but just about she was going to say it, the music had already begun. So Hina had no other choice but to sing it otherwise, despite the fact that she doesn’t know the lyrics, or maybe even the song.

So here are the average quality screen shots of the moment when Hina sings and also Hayate dashing through the festival with everyone noticing of his existence. What really made me surprised and go hyper was that fact that there was no dialogue whatsoever during the 1 minute and 30 seconds moment, and what more is that the scenes fit in nicely in with the lyrics in the song. So without further ado here they are!

And so, after performance, Hayate has arrived to the place where Nagi was held captive, while the crowd over at Hina’s extravagant birthday birthday is roaring wild over her singing, but since she was forced upon doing it by the trio, she plotted her revenge against them, announcing that the trio would be sing “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” which leads the girls in defeat.

Hina plotted her revenge!
Hina plotted her revenge!

Later on when Hina changes back into her school uniform, Hina’s mother comes by and says this kind of lively party is good, with Hina saying that this party os now more like a Karaoke Party. And some conversation starts. But just after her mother mentions about where Hayate could be, which reminds Hina of the letter to be at the clock tower at 9 o clock. Hina then asks her mother to go home without her, and says that she has something that she needs to settle.

While at where Nagi and Kotetsu are, out of the blue Nagi shouts and lectures Kotetsu that when she said she wanted coffee, what she meant was a Latte. The goes on saying some cheesy advice as a butler. And carries on saying something about what flavour gum you should provide for your master and criticises him even more. Kotetsu tels her to shut up, 3 times (Possible Shana reference?) she’s just here to lure Hayate there, and tells her to never dare to criticise her kidnapper. Nagi then says that she has criticised every kidnapper who has grabbed her. Making Kotetsu mutter what a terrible hostage she is.

Possible Shana reference?
Possible Shana reference?

Their conversation deepens as Nagi asks why Kotetsu want to lure Hayate to where he is, Kotetsu goes on saying at first when he saw him, he thought he was a really cute girl, and says he was dead serious about it, but then he found out that he was actually a guy and betrayed his feelings, so he has vowed to track him down “beat him to pulp”. Nagi then understands the situation he’s facing, and says that the moment Kotetsu found out that Hayate was a guy, he changed his mind, and goes on explaining that this is Shallow Love. Then this conversation goes deeper and deeper in which I’m not bother to explain out in a simple form so you have to go and actually watch the episode. So after the talk that because of Kotetsu’s shallow love is the reason behind the fact that he’s unpopular with the girls, Kotetsu has finally realised and thinks of himself as a fool for not realising until now.

And just after he realised, Hayate steps in to find the two, Hayate tells Kotetsu if he had done anything to Nagi, and just about when he was going to say what he was going to do, Kotetsu decided to return her to him, and thinks how foolish he was to flip after he found out that he was a guy. Hayate asks Nagi what happened before when he arrived, Nagi then says that it means that he wasn’t such a bad person after all. Kotetsu thanks Nagi for helping him opening his eyes, Nagi says it was a no big deal. The Kotetsu goes over to Hayate and ask him to let him say it again, but this time its more different, he’s now asking Hayate to go to the Netherlands with him where they accept Gay marriage and proposed him to marry him, which leads to Nagi getting pissed and goes berserk to punch Kotetsu in the chest. And tells him that Hayate is hers, body and soul, all hers and goes on saying that she’ll won’t ever give him so much as a strand of his hair. Which causes Kotetsu into a state of confusion since she was the one to convince him to deepen his love towards Hayate.

There are some other countries that accept Gay Marraige you know...
There are some other countries that accept Gay Marraige you know...

Now Nagi os in a really bad mood and tell Hayate they’re leaving, Hayate ask her to wait, since he’s still haven’t broken the curse of the Hina Doll Maker placed on him, which makes Nagi even more pissed and then bashed at the Zepeddo that is he going to mess mess with Hayate too, Zepeddo reconsiders and so he vanishes into thin air, with the Hina Doll Makers curse broken and Hayate back to his original Butler uniform. And for the second time, Naga tells Hayate they’re leaving, and so they left Hakuo to go back to the mansion, leaving Kotetsu lying on the floor unconscious.

Nagi's Tsudere Levels is rising!!!!

Back at the Sanzenin Mansion, as Hayate falls onto his bed, ready to go to sleep, he reminisces what he had gone through for the whole day, and thinks that he has forgotten something important to do, and with just a thought, he has forgotten of the meeting with Hina at the clock tower!

So at the top floor of the clock tower at Hakuo with being 2 hours and 30 minutes late, Hayate goes into the Student Council room to see if Hina is there, and in fact, she is.


Just then Hina opens her eyes and wakes up, only to find Hayate right in front of her.

To Be Continued.

Well what an awesome episode was that? Some bit of Izumi moé, Hina performing Eva’s OP and Hayate’s awesome cross dressing. Oh and btw this episode is based off of Chapters 94-96 in the manga, meaning this is the last episode basing the chapters out of Volume 9! not much was overseen, except for the part where Nagi complains about the games held in the Hinamatsuri festival and some alterations between things going on and when.

Man I can’t wait for the next episode coming out this Friday, entitled as “Feeling of Freedom”, yes, all in English, but in CAPS LOCK. Which will be based off I believe Chapters 96 and 97 at the beginning of Volume 10. Where things will get more interesting! I’m not gonna say anymore, since it might spoil it for others, or its just that everyone will be expecting, whatever.

So that ends another long blog post that has taken almost all of my evening time to write and proofread…

Until next time~