Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 138


I realised that I haven’t done a the manga version of Hayate review since Chapter 137… And since the latest chapter scanlated by FoolRulez is 141, I’m gonna do 4 chapter reviews in one week. One to day, one tomorrow, one on Thursday and one on Friday, since I’m lazy of course. Well, here it is.

Chapter 138

After the incident where Hayate had his lottery ticket burnt by Nagi throwing it into a fireplace back in Chapter 133, Nagi asks Maria what exactly is money and why Hayate was so upset after she burnt Hayate’s lottery ticket worth 3000 yen. Maria explains that the value of money differs from person and person, and for a rich bitch Ojou-sama like her, its kind of difficult to explain it fully to her.

So out of the blue Nagi asks Hayate when its his birthday, and then learns Hayate’s birthday is on the 11th of November 19XX (The year stated on his Student ID.) Nagi then asks him what does he want for his birthday. This makes Hayate suspicious, and asks Nagi that if she’s maybe planning on giving him a present. And after some useless arguments that I’m not bothered to go through, Nagi then declares that she’ll work part-time jobs in-order for her to buy the most awesomest watch of the planet to give to Hayate for his birthday, coming up in November, which is months away for the Manga time-frame (We’re talking about, in the midst of April?).

Meanwhile at the Hamster’s dwelling, Nishizawa is coincidentally ran out of cash recently (Refer to the incident in the 11th volume) and asks her eco-depressed mother that if she could start a part-time job. Ayumu’s mother agrees but if she give her parents 10% of her earnings, Ayumu understands and accepts.

Back at the mansion, Hayate and Nagi are going through old phone books and stuff, looking for a part-time job for Nagi to work at. But just at the same time, at the Cafe Donguri (Refer to the White Day arc in Volume 12) Kaga (the owner) seems to be running low on employees, after finding out Hina (who also works there, if you didn’t remember the White Day Arc =P) couldn’t fill in all the shifts since she has other things to do such her job as the Student Council President. So Kaga is thinking of someone he could hire that could fill in the empty shifts, and after remembering that mysterious boy who came to his café on White Day (Hayate I’m referring to of course) he marches over to the phone to call him.

Back at the mansion (again), Hayate receives a phone call from Kaga offering him a job at the Cafe, since he’s lacking workers there to keep the café running. Hayate hesitates at the offer, since he already has a job as working as a butler, and after eavesdropping over the conversation, Maria then decides to take over the phone and decides to make a deal that she would let Hayate work there, as long as Nagi gets to go with him and help out. Kaga agrees to the deal and it is then all confirmed.

At the café Hayate, Nagi and Kaga greets and it seems that Kaga has overestimated Nagi and is uncertain or not that if she could handle the work in the service industry. But Nagi says its fine and that she’ll carry out this job in-order to buy a watch as a present for Hayate on is birthday. Kaga understands, and in his mind, he wonder if he should hire some Normal people, since he did just hired an Ojou-sama and a Butler… (lol)

And so on the first work day (April 3rd), as Nagi goes into the changing room to change into the cafe’s uniform, an unexpected meeting of the Hamster and Nagi has begun.

To Be Continued.

This was a nice chapter, a good start to the mini Cafe Donguri story arc where Nagi, Hayate and the Hamster experience many adventures from their work times from 9 to 5. And also the delicious fanservice coming up in the next chapter.