Hayate no Gotoku!! Character CD Blowout!

Just as the title says, the second season’s versions of Character CDs are out today in Japan, kicking off with 2 new albums with the first to be from Nagi, and the second to be from the almighty Hina! As stated in their official website.

Update: Download link found.

[LonE] Kugimiya Rie – Hayate the combat butler!! Character CD 2nd series 01

Click here.

[LonE] Itou Shizuka – Hayate the combat butler!! Character CD 2nd series 02

Click here.

Update 2: Link Outdated

But that’s not all! If you’ve been/missed to the Hina Concert Live in Japan on the March 1st a few months ago, then here’s your chance to here it again with the “HiNA” Festival & Carnival CD Album! With the full coverage of the show, caught on audio (Video would’ve been nice…), and it also released in 2 different versions, with the regular version with the coverage of the concert, and also the special edition 2 disk set called “Song and Chat”, with extra tracks and a full interview with Shizuka Ito (Seiyuu of Hina). Also the two version comes with alternate covers so a real die-hard fan of Hayate would buy both editions of the CD, or maybe even more.

Cheers May for the HiNA Song Album covers~


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