Spice and Wolf 03

I totally saw that one coming.
I... knew that was coming.. -blink- -blink-

Just a few days ago by boredom/excuse to avoid doing my coursework I decided to watch the furry anime Spice and Wolf, despite the fact that I’m an anti-furry… But what the heck, I’ve finished watching 2.9 anime’s (Eden of the East, Queens Blade and K-ON! -waiting for bonus episode-) and waiting for the Summer Anime to come, why not watch something in the meantime =P

So today I’ve finished watching the 3rd episode, and things are starting to get interesting, after a boring episode 2 where Lawrence and Horo yap almost for the whole episode. It seems that the plots going deeper into Lawrence’s money-making business plan, with the currencies and the purity of the silver used to make coins situation which I barely took any attention to…

I seem to be lightening up to Furries after watching this… Oh no.