Asura Cryin’ 2 Second Season Confirmed


The final episode of the Asura Cryin’ television anime series has announced that production on an Asura Cryin’ 2 television series has been green-lit for a fall premier. The latest episode ran on the AT-X premium channel on Thursday morning.

Original Article: ANN

The first Asura Cryin’ anime series adapted Gakuto Mikumo and Nao Watanuki‘s Asura Cryin’ light novel series of the same name. The semi-serious school action story revolves around Tomoharu Natsume, a boy who has been haunted by a ghosty girl who was a childhood friend.

Source: 2channel

So Spring 2009 Animes that have been green-lit for a 2nd/spinoff season/feature length movie…

  1. Queens Blade [2ND SEASON] Fall/Autumn 2009
  2. Eden of the East [2 FEATURE LENGTH FILMS] Winter 2009-Winter 2010
  3. Sengoku Basara [2ND SEASON] Q1 2010
  4. Asura Cryin’ [2ND SEASON] Fall/Autumn 2009

This is alright but where’s the 4th season of Zero no Tsukaima? Grrr…..