Hayate no Gotoku!! Character CD 2nd Season 01 – Nagi Sanzenin Review


Another Album review cover I dare say? Well, it is. Listened to this at 2am last night in bed when I should really be sleeping for school and Sports Day the next day… (Which already finished, I won 1st place at the 100m sprint :D)

Well enough of the off-topic useless chat lets get under way…

The character album is pretty much like the first season’s set, includes 2 songs sung by the character’s seiyuu, some drama skits and some extras. Normal stuff.

Straw-hat Fantasy

Short Trivia: If you’ve been paying attention to the 13th episode’s preview in Episode 12, then you might have notice the background music actually being this song to promote the first 2nd Series Character Song CD.

This song s actually good, I don’t think if this would fit into Nagi’s characteristic, since the first seasons suited her better… I hear the phase “Hayate no Gotoku” in it in the first few lines so I think she’s referring to “Whimsical Wind” or something. Well overall, to be long story short, this is some Rie Kugumiya official material, so expect her original high pitched cute voice as usual.

Overall Score: 8.9/10

Shootin’ Star

I swear I’ve heard of this somewhere, but nevertheless, another great song from Rie. But I still prefer the first one =P With more frequent use of the rock theme. I don’t really know what to say now since I’ve already said what I’ve wanted to say in the first song, but overall its excellent.

Overall Score: 7.4/10

Intermission Drama Skits

Not bothering with them. At the moment. Since I dunno what the heck is going on due to the lack of my Japanese Vocabulary. So for now, it’ll be left as it is.

Overall Score: TBD

And that concludes another Album cover review! Now onto Hina’s Character CD, ooh I can smell the ratings…

2 thoughts on “Hayate no Gotoku!! Character CD 2nd Season 01 – Nagi Sanzenin Review

  1. May June 26, 2009 / 05:24

    you seem to have difficulty finding cover scan quality…

    I suggest getting it from LoselessONE,their scans are usually perfect quality

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