Spice and Wolf 04

Who is that mysterious woman!?? D=
Who is that mysterious woman!?? D:

Episode summary from Wikipedia (I’m too lazy to write it myself, but even still, I bet you guys have already watched it =P):

Lawrence enlists the help of the Milone Company to counterattack against Zeelen’s plot. Lawrence, thinking that he will have enough money to open up his own shop, becomes overjoyed. Horo is saddened because she believes that Lawrence will no longer travel with her to the north, but Lawrence promises to stay with her until their journey is complete. In the middle of the night, men from the Medioh Company, Zeelen’s associates, try to ambush Lawrence and Horo. As Horo and Lawrence run to the Milone Company, Horo acts as a diversion so Lawrence can make it to safety. Once there, Lawrence discovers that the Milone Company has all the information needed to defeat the Medioh Company’s plan and no longer needs Lawrence. A letter arrives from Medioh informing Lawrence that they know Horo is a wolf and are prepared to hand her over to the church.

Uh-oh, seems like Lawrence is in now of a pinch, after realising that Milone Company has got what it wants and throws him away like garbage, and they’ve taken Horo captive, discovered her true identity and now planning to send her to the church. Will Lawrence rescue Horo? Will Horo be taken in custody by the church? Will there be a happy ending? Nyeah I’ll, stop doing this cheesy questions quote thingy at the end of my posts from now on. But what really wonders me, who the heck is the mysterious lady that appears before the captive Horo at the end of the episode? Hmmm…