New Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season OP/ED Over the Horizon


After lurking though the pages of the wretched site ANN, I’ve stumbled upon the Hayate Season 2 info page, and it came to my attention that under the Opening/Ending Theme, there seems to be a new opening and ending Theme soon. With the opening from the one and only KOTOKO, who sung both openings in the first season and seems to be returning to sing the 2nd opening theme, and the ending theme from Rie Kugumiya and Ryoko Shiraishi, the Seiyuus of Nagi and Hayate respectively, it looks like they’ve received the baton from Hina and the class president trio and are destined to take the main stage.

From my predictions, the 2nd ending theme will begin in next week’s episode, episode 14. Along with the new opening theme, which I’m guessing will begin around Episode 27, if the anime goes on for 52 or so episodes. Man I can’t wait :D

But to see if the information is genuine or not, I did some google search research on the Web, and it is believed to be true.

The opening and the ending themes are available for pre-order.

With the OP to be planned for release on August 26th, along with the ED to be out on September 9th.

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  1. Oh well, the Hina ED had a good run. I hope this one will be good too. Looking forward to the new OP and ED.


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