New Shangri-la Ending Animation Sequence


This weeks episode of the economical anime Shangri-la (Episode 13) has surprised me with its new animation sequence in the ED (See above image to see comparisons from the previous ending sequence, which I happened to found in HD :D), not only with its complex plot, in which this case seems to be Kuniko acting as the leader of Metal Age invading Atlas through the skies, which causes a massive dog-fight.

With the left column side is the previous animation sequence, and the right column to be the new sequence.

It hasn’t got a new song, but new animation. With this weeks is “Hajimari no Asa ni Hikari Are” by midori. But what confuses me with the ED is that there are two ending songs sung by midori but played in random episodes, but I guess it was just to go with the mood near the end. The second ending song by midori is “Tsuki ni Kakuse shi Chō no Yume”, which I guess is played when we see a sad/climatic cliffhanger.

If you compare the two sequences together, they kinda really match since the same characters remain, also with new ones thrown in the shot. And it also seems that they used the illustrations from the original Light Novel series for the new sequence, and used the original anime art for the first.

I still wonder how will this series’ ending will turn out…