Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 230 – Why Yukiji Rules

Gitah made an appearance.

In the most recent chapter of Hayate (230) scanlated by a group known as yoniekai, who mainly scanlates Eyeshield 21 Chapters 245-276 back in 2007 and seems to be more active recently after not releasing anything for 7 months. It looks like its heading off from the main plot (Hayate, Maria and Nagi off for Golden Week at Mykonos Island) to some sub-plots/fillers. In which this its Kaoru and Yukiji in Italy for the weeks vacation. (Kaoru X Yukiji chapter to sum it up.)

Warning: Contains spoilers.

After realising that just doing nothing will never get the girl of your dreams your attention, Kaoru decided that he might as well be defeated honestly if he ever would confess Yukiji his feelings. And what a better way to tell her than to take her to Italy for Golden Week (A holiday in Japan where families/friends head out around the world to visit some historical places for a week, Wiki it if you want to know more.) Just to be clear, the author (Mr. Hata) Seems to not have a feel for Italy at the moment (Says that he’s going there this year), so the scenery he’s drawing might not be the same as the real architecture. He also tells the readers to make note of it.

So the first thing they do is to rent a room in a hotel to stay at, but since Yuiji decides to not be making useless expenses on the trip since she’s been invited to, she doesn’t mind sharing a room with Kaoru, making his chance to confess to her feel stronger. So throughout the day they both go out and about in the streets of Italy, at dawn, in the hotel they’re staying, while having dinner Kaoru is waiting the the chance to confess his feelings, but screws up every time, after going so far as to managed to sit next to her and mess up and being accused of being unpopular so that he can be a lolicon by going after Hina (LOOL). While mildly drunk after being drinking cans of booze, after being accused of an misunderstanding, Kaoru is in doubt as to why he is in love with her, and remembers that it was because of her cue ponytails, and just about he was “intending” to confess, he screws up and says that he has a ponytail fetish, then being uppercutted whacked on the head.

Later through the night, as Kaoru still lays down on the floor acting as if he’s unconscious, Kaoru asks Yukiji why she quit playing the guitar (A flashback was shown at the beginning of this chapter, showing that Yukiji used to play a guitar back at school, and apparently quit later on.) and then finally out of the heck of it says that he was in love with her (was?). Yukiji responds saying that the world is made so that you can’t get what you want the most, and what you do get is a bunch of crap you don’t ever want, and goes on saying “You make a wish to the stars, you wish that one day, these feelings will be rewarded, and you will be taken to the golden castle.” and shows a silhouette of Athena in the last panel.

Kaoru coicidentally looks like Wataru when he was in his teens...
Kaoru coincidentally looks like Wataru when he was in his teens...
If that were me, I would've been busted... D=
If that were me, I would've been busted... D=
In this panel Kaoru looks a lot like the homo Kotetsu
In this panel Kaoru looks a lot like the homo butler Kotetsu.
Remindes of the 2nd episode of Haruhi... (TV order)
Reminds of Kyon's preferences...

The anticipation builds up as to the moment Hayate and Athena cross paths in a countless of chapters time and chaos breaks…

This also makes up for the confusion of Yukiji armed with a Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Vintage Guitar with Hina behind her for the 9th Character CD back in the first season…

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  1. Haruhi reference and K-On reference is cool.
    Gitah made her appearance in Yukiji’s hand


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