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Following on from my previous new ED comparisons, the 14th episode of Pandora Hearts is greeted with a new ending (as shown above), oh and a new song, with the name and the artist yet to be confirmed. Marking the viewers that Pandora Hearts is at it’s half way point!

In my opinion the first ending was my favourite, as I clearly stated in my previous post, but this one is also as awesome as the last (Yeah, I’m bad at determine which good is good and which is bad =P)

And as with the actual episode…


More stuff happens in the Cheshire’s Dream-like world, and it seems like after a first face-to-face between Oz and Jack (which I presume are brothers, since they both have matching last names) Oz is magically transported to where Sabrie once was, a hundred years ago, when it was plunged into the abyss by the Baskervilles so that they can make some good quality videos and upload it on YouTube for entertainment (Just Kidding =P). While there, he discovers that the place is nuked, with corpses lying around, the smell of blood and guts, a terrible place for a summer vacation. But until he stumbles upon an imaginary little shota. Which later turns out to be Vince (Gil’s younger brother) which is all high and hyper running around the place.

But then Oz is in much doubt that could be Vince, since if it was, then Vince is not much similar then Break, who is like an immortal, but if Vince is, then maybe Gil is a zomb bomb too, but that cannot be true. Since Gil was found all raep- err I mean wounded outside the Vesarius (Used to be Bezarius, but now Vesarius for God’s know why) Garden, with Vince all beaten up outside the Night-tray’s Manor at the same time period. So there maybe a connection. Anyways, Oz’s animal instincts tell him to follow him, in which he does.

After a game of cat and mouse, just as the shots forme of Vince vanishes into thin air, Oz finds a tall old tower in front of him, which then he remembers he seen it before, but his animal instincts reacts again and tells him that at the top floor is where Alice lurks, and after a few hours of running up stairs when he would’ve just taken the elevator, he finds Alice in the room, only to just gotten killed, by a fancy scizzer12- err I mean scissor. And from Oz’s mind, Jack tells Oz that Alice was once a human, but then killed a 100 years ago, in that actual tower during the Tragedy of Sabre. Shuzuku…

I wonder if I should read the manga…


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