Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 139


And so here’s a continuation of my chapter reviews of Hayate from yesterday. This is about Chapter 139.

Apologies for posting this too late, had some stuff going on so there wasn’t much time to type this out.

Warning: May contain spoilers if you haven’t read this chapter yet.

Continuing where the plot left off of the previous chapter, as Nagi enters the changing rooms to get change, she coincidentally encounters the Hamster once more, ever since the Anniversary of Nagi’s mother death in Volume 12. Just as the script says she then obviously goes berserk and asks/yells why the hell is that Hamster doing at the Cafe, then sparks a long argument between the two. Hayate comes in unintentionally to see whats the whole ruckus going on in there, only to find the Hamster in her undergarments. Which then causes a mass misunderstanding of course.

So just as they were going to begin their shifts, Kaga asks if something is the matter between them, after Hayate witnessing Ayumu’s only bit of fanservice she’ll ever get in the manga. (Kidding. =P). Ayumu and Hayate says there’s nothing in particular. After the trivial idling Kaga asks Hayate if he could take care of the Cafe to him for the morning shift since he has to go to the Maid Cafe, since it was a big day for his boss (I wonder why…). Hayate agrees and then Kaga whispers to Hayate, asking if its okay to let the ‘other’ two work, since after all, they are ‘inexperienced’… Hayate says its okay straight off the bat. And after some more talking he leaves. Finally. And so their shifts officially begin!

With the rivalry between Nagi and the Hamster going on, they test each other out to see who’s the most skillful at serving others. And just after the first customer of day arrives, Ayumu realises this is her first chance, and decides to greet the customer. But obviously, she screws up and says…

Werecomen... Sounds German.

The Hamster lost her first chance, so then its most blatantly Nagi’s turn. As Nagi approached the customer, Nagi calmly and strangely politely asks the customer for his order, with the customer asking for cup of blended coffee, as much to Hayate’s surprise.

But the battle was not over yet, but just as an excuse, as Ayumu was thinking and looking at Hayate the same time, while thinking of the mishap earlier on, she thinks that since she let Hayate see her bare body, she wants to show her attractive side. Causing another embarrassing moment which ends when Nagi stamps on Hayate left foot. Causing Hayate much great pain.

Later on when another customer walks in, Nagi walks up to him and asks for his order. Only to find a legendary mangaka Ashibashi Gouji, after Nagi explaining to Ayumu who he is, Nagi finds that he’s working on his current battle manga project.

Me too.
Me too.

Ayumu suggests that he is feeling a little troubled, but Nagi then says that this is normal, and that all mangakas would want to die (Doesn’t that mean that she wants to die too?). So to lighten up the spirits Nagi gives him the cup of coffee he wanted. Looking upon on what he;’s up to, she becomes intrigued at the story boards and they are ‘properly’ lay ed out. And looking at the drafts for the climax for some manga she’s reading at the moment she becomes disappointed and yells at him that the climax is no good, and goes on, to the point that Ayumu has to break it up and pulls Nagi away from him.

Then the mangaka realises the mistakes he’s done and blabs on about how a good plot should and stuff. And so Nagi hands over the espresso made from Canephora coffee beans, which is apparently good for you. Some stuff happens, and the situation is resolved. (Had enough explaining the while story in detail) Meanwhile from afar a mysterious girl in casual clothes appears…

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  1. Hehe. It’s probably supposed to be a shaky pronunciation of the German “Willkommen” (welcome).


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