Hayate no Gotoku!! Character Contest Rankings


If you’ve read Chapters 218 and 219 in the manga version of Hayate,then I guess that you may know of the results of the 2nd Popularity Contest they held. Luckily, its been adapted into the 14th episode in the Second Season. I would’ve merge this post with my episode 14 summary, but I guess it would’ve been too tl;dr. So what better way than to split the two apart!

So here are the results!

In 10th place, its Isumi with 437 votes!
Harukaze with 705 votes, finishing in 9th place. (She's my 3rd favourite character out of HnG~ behind Izumi and Hina)
In 8th place, its Sakuya with 881 votes! (Sakuya finished in 6th place in the first contest with 431 votes, when the new characters were still in the void.)
The Hamster finishes in 7th place! Same as the first contest, but with half the votes as now.
Izumi in 6th place! With 905 votes. Compared to the last one where she was in 8th place with 410...
Its Mystery *coughathenacough* Girl! Finishing in 5th place with an outstanding 1008 votes!

Since the producers didn’t want the newcomers to know about A-tans identity yet until the End of the World Story Arc (which is coming up soon) they only showed her back and named her with an alias, instead of overlooking it. With all the characters in the contest hall complaining about it. With Hayate telling the viewers if they want to know who she is, then they should “Read Shonen Sunday or the Manga”… -or just google it in my opinion…-

Hayate finishing in 4th place with 1366 votes!

Compared to the last contest where he finished in 3rd with 1543 votes…

And now the top 3 winners!

In 3rd place…

Nagi finishing in 3rd place with 1776 votes!

I have no idea why she is unhappy with the results since she finished 4th place with 1013 votes in last years contest… WE LOVE YOU NAGI!!

And in 2nd place…

Maria with 1814 votes!

Same place as last contest’s results, but with even more votes in the second than the first one (1586 votes)!

And in 1st place… I guess we all know who it is…

You guess it, its Hina with a staggering 4185 votes!!

Compared to the first contest with 3728 votes, this is a new record.

And it looks like Nagi isn’t handling the truth very well…


And guess how all of this turns out?

It turns out to be only a dream.

But J.C. Staff cunningly made this as a plot device since the next few scenes will reflect upon this so-called “dream”…


While in the manga, its meant to be…


Since they decided to skip a heck-load of chapters (including the Santa Conan chapter, which is needed for this episode), they decided to make use of the Popularity contest and changed the nightmare that the evil-octopus-monster holds.

We now await for the third Popularity Contest which will be in a years time. If the manga holds on for that long that is…

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