Index-tan 02 – Made of Awesome Win

I just had to do it.
I just had to do it.

The second instalment of the carbon copied Shana-tan shorts Index-tan has arrived! With even more amusing skits ripped off from the anime and edited so that people like me, can literally lmao.

So let go through each and every little skit this sequel has to offer~

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1. The Meeting of Touma and Index-tan

The short starts off as it did in the first one, where Touma gets a phone call from Komoe telling him he should go to school more often or that he’ll become dumb, and decides to then dry off his futon to change the mood, only to find Index-tan, where she then gets kidnapped by a bird. But this time, she evades the attack.

Look how happy she is... haha

But while in the celebration…

She gets kidnapped by a cat this time...

Intermission #1

In the previous short, we had Mikoto telling the viewers to save electricity and says some sort of onomatopoeia, changing every time she appears. But in this short, we have Himegami answering some questions written on the chalkboard behind her.

So in this first intermission, Himegami is asked to introduce herself, while moving onto the next skit when she was about to finish her sentence…

2. Accelerator X Touma

In this next skit, from the Accelerator and the Mikoto androids Story Arc in the main plot, where Accelerator is about to attack Touma head on, this scene is ripped and edited from when Accelerator is about to touch him, therefore getting electrocuted, Touma slaps his hand before he does so, in a lovey-dovey manner.

The first time I've seen Accelerator blush.
The first time I've seen Accelerator blush.

*Insert the Yaoi moment and the roaring fangirls here* I admit, I freakin’ lol’d.

Intermission #2

In this second intermission, Himegami is asked to say a message to her fans, with her saying that the reason she doesn’t stand out much often, and just about she was about say her reason, it gets cut off onto the next skit…

3. Ghosts Driving Cars

While in the classroom, Aoigami tells Touma a rumor about there’s a car recently moving around with no one in the drivers seat. But Touma doesn’t believe in the rumor, but after walking home from school, he sees a car passing by with no one in the driver’s seat. And at the end turning out to be Komoe to be driving the car, but not seen through the window.

I lmao'd at this too.

Intermission #3

Himegami is asked to say her favourite quote, and her favourite quote is the following;

I get ignored.

Therefore I am.

Nicely said Himegami

4. Sherry’s Free-time

In this skit we see Sherry (who appears at the last few episodes in the anime) lying on the floor all happily singing and drawing simplified pictures of Index, Touma fighting against a dinosaur which apparently is destroying the Tokyo Tower, a Spitfire, and a whale. Also some other drawings including a mecha which looks a lot like a Gundam, a father and son walking though a park with a flower, a nice house, a blue car, and a train.

This made me lol. A lot.

Intermission #4

In this intermission, Himegami is asked for her opinion for a second season of Index, with a message showing at the bottom that a second season has not been talked about and that they were just making things up to avoid heavy rumors.

She really is always neglected in the anime...
She really is always neglected in the anime...

5. Hyoka and Index, oh and Touma

Taken from the 22nd episode from the anime, when Index and Hyoka are in cosplays and about to have their pictures taken in the photo booth, this scene is altered in this skit as they apparently are randomly mumbling loudly, then laughing.

I have no idea of what they were covering up which will lead to Copyrights...

Intermission #5

In the 5th intermission, Himegami is asked for her favourite food, and most obviously, her favourite food is meat.

6. Misha goes Fishing

In this skit we see Misha (from the Angel Falls Story Arc in the anime), catching some fish, using her magic and lending the power from God. Nice.


All that to catch some fish… Lawl.

Intermission #6

In this sixth intermission, Himegami is asked to say another message to her fans, with the intermission abruptly ending when she was (in my mind) telling the audience if they wanted to try dying or something… Maybe committing suicide… Hmm… Dunno…

Poor Himegami...

7. The Second Meeting of Touma and Index-tan

As Touma is happily sleeping in the infirmary, while additionally mumbling in his sleep, Index-tan sneaks up on him, while being hold by a mystery girl with pink hair and her identity blocked from the black clothing over her face. As Index-tan makes Touma wake up, she asks him if he has anything to say, while thinking of something so say, Touma accidentally says that she’s small, which ends in the bite in Touma’s noggin.


8. The Seiyuus of Index-tan and Touma

In this skit we see Index-tan munching sandwich on Touma’s head, then Touma telling her to stop eating or otherwise he’ll gt scolded for leaving behind breadcrumbs, with Index-tan saying the trademark line “Chut Up” 3 times. Then some random conversation comes up between the actual seiyuus of Index-tan and Touma.

This skit made me confused.

Intermission #8

Himegami is asked that will she’ll ever get a blog, but she answers that she’s worried about how much access she’ll get…

This reminds me of my own blog, the blog you're reading now.
This reminds me of my own blog, the blog you're reading now.

9. The Seiyuu of Accelerator Returns

In this last skit for this episode, the real Mikoto runs to an android Mikoto and asks for her help to “protect his dream”, and at the end shows Accelerator claiming that he received the Rookie Award, and that now he’s a “full-fledged voice actor”, and “now no longer a weak voice actor”…

I wonder what "dream" she's talking about...
The only moment I find Mikoto attractive.
The only moment I find Mikoto attractive.
One android
One android
Two androids
Two androids
A gazillion androids
A gazillion androids
No longer a what?
No longer a what?

*Credits rolling*

And now for a special skit, but also a what you call PV for the spin off To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. In this short we see the real Mikoto asking the 4 androids a question like a quiz show of what is the title of SF/Fantasy light novel anime adaptation, with the androids saying random answers.




Ah the trademark spiral thumb… Is that permanent?

Final Intermission

In this final intermission, the viewers get to witness Himegami speaking to herself, but with negative results, such as she’s being treated horribly, like she’s forced to shoot last in Rock-Paper-Scissors, and many more depressing thoughts.

Overall, this another great J.C. Staff made material.Even better than the first one in my opinion. With the characters exploiting their true personality which was covered up with the personality they were forced to have, and Index shrink to the size of a plain card. Quality.

Now if Toradora SOS was like this…


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