Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 231 – I am Scarred for Life.


The 231st chapter of Hayate just came out serialised in Shonen Sunday last week, and what that very chapter had left me in spoiler heaven was that the 16th and last page of the whole chapter. But first, lets go though the summary.

Warning: Contains major spoilers.

After the fill-in in the previous chapter about Kaoru and Yukiji in Italy for Golden Week, Hayate and the rest of the supporting characters bids Mykonos Island farewell and now heading for Athens, the capital of Greece. Once the boat they’re on arrives at Athens at shore, at this time Hayate remembers the moment in his life with Athena, and wonders where she is right now and what she’s doing (Trivia: Athens and Athena both have the same pronunciation in Japanese). So after a whole day of travelling on a boat and some fun-filled games involving a king and numbers, everybody decides to rest in Nagi’s villa in Athens, where she once lived when she was a child.

In the middle of the night, Hayate couldn’t sleep after arriving at a place where his ex-girlfriend still lurks. Just about when Hina steps into the scene, wondering whats Hayate doing in the middle of the night in the veranda, Hayate asks her a question about is Athena a mythical god or something about who’s the king of the world. Hina then laughs and then tells Hayate that’s what “Tennousu-san” would always say (Trivia: Tennousu is Athena’s family name). Making Hayate shocked as to hear Hina mentioning about Athena, when he didn’t directly tell anyone about her for all these 10 years.

The part where almost shit brixs.

Holy shiz. I totally didn’t expect that one coming. Except from the point when Hayate and Athena are eventually going to meet at some point in a few more hundreds of chapters, but still. How in what way does Hinagiku has connections to Athena? But a possible conclusion is that the castle/kingdom where Athena once lived, as shown in the End of the World Arc, is blocked off and is now the location of Hakuo. Meaning that Hina may have researched some information about the history of the area. But that’s just about it. When there are maybe more possibilities. But in the mean time, chapter 232 just came out this week in Japan, so maybe everything (or not) will be explained there, or in a few weeks time.

The moment of the 2nd meeting of Hayate and A-tan is over the horizon, and when chaos will break.

Man I should stop reading the latest Hayate RAWs and scans…