Endless Eight 05

^ Clue?

Seriously the 2nd season of Haruhi is failing in my point of view after the 4th episode, and with the 5th that aired this week, thinking that the “Endless Eight” Arc is going to be over with 4 episodes (Where the characters are trapped in a endless loop through the last 2 weeks of summer, that’s been going on for over 15k times and the only way for the loop to end is for Haruhi to be completely satisfied at what she’s done over summer vacation), after watching it (awesome OP) I was unsurprisingly wrong. It was just another carbon copy of the 3 previous episodes. But with altered scenes and less appealing Haruhi-chosen outfits.

I swear if this goes on for about 13 episodes or even 15,513 (as stated by Nagato), then this will be the epically failed move in anime production history (or maybe it even is right now) and might leave me committing seppuku.

My suggestion to the guys who’re in charge for the anime is to just stop this continuous trolling to toy around with the fan’s high hopes, to get this over with and move onto the important parts based on the light novels, such as The Sigh of H.S. and The Disappearance of H.S.

Gawd KyoAni/Kadokawa STOP TORTURING/TROLLING US!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!

PS. Still no sightings of the new OP/ED of Hayate in the 15th episode -_-


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