Hayate no Gotoku!! 15


At last, the 15th episode of Hayate comes by full swing to kick off the Shimoda Onsen Arc! Based off chapters 112-114 in the manga, expect many wonders, miracles and aliens to come.

By the way, this is the first episode I ever downloaded using torrents so the screenshots I use here should be a bit more of a higher quality.

After by a stealthy, unexpected meteorite crash at the Shimoda Hot springs in the Izu Peninsula, many people and tourists have come to the hot springs for its apparent side effects including, huge increase in the chest area for females, an increase in intelligence for maths and science, particularly algebra, restoration of strange powers that people have once lost, and not to forget the sudden yet huge growth spurt.

So obviously, after hearing about it on the news on TV, Hayate, Maria and Nagi decide to have a nice little vacation out at the Izu Peninsula via ride on a 1st class train, and Hina, the Hamster and Isumi to tag along to. But as you all may know, a nice normal holiday out in the world of Hayate no Gotoku doesn’t exist. So after Nagi learning that each station in Japan has its own special bento, while at a short stop, Nagi decides to hop off the train and try to buy the bento the station has to offer, even though she left everything including her money and phone in the train. Much to everybodies surprise, the train doors closes and takes off, ditching Nagi in the process. Therefore making her hopelessly lost.

Obviously then Hayate jumping out of a moving train to go after her. Meanwhile at some place else, Nishizawa the Hamster leaves her home at early hours on her BMX, and also wearing track suit clothing to take off to the Izu Peninsula as well, after hearing all the fuss on TV. Despite the fact that Izu Peninsula is miles away and she can’t afford the train tickets to travel that far. With Hayate gone off to find Nagi, Maria and Hina have some time together alone in the train for once, and discuss about Hina’s problems (you know what it is) and her family.

Some stuff happens along the way, with the destined meeting of Nagi and Ayumu in a Ramen restaurant in the middle of nowhere, long-story short they both decide to travel together to Atami, where the train Nagi was on is heading to for the next stop. But to make the situation even worse, a bunch of killers are out hunting down Nagi, intending to claim her life and her inheritance. With everybody travelling to Izu in many strange routes, and facing many strange situations, just how will all this conclude? All will be explained in the next upcoming episode…

The episode start off with a light fanservice shot of Maria in feminine casual clothes, doing a few turns and spins to add more emphasis.

Maria in casual clothes is the best...

But unsurprisingly enough, Nagi thinks that Maria is still wearing her pajamas, and demands for her to wear her usual maid uniform…

Maria just got owned...

Moving on a little further, during the sudden news report, the effects of the meteorite induced hotsprings were coincidentally;

Oh the irony..

As the news report goes on, they introduce a 6 year old girl who had a sudden extreme growth spurt after just taking a dip in the hotspring..

Holy, looks like a sudden growth spurt just took place...

Much for Hayate’s surprise.


After being left behind when the train decides to take off, Nagi soon realises that she was unsurprisingly lost.

Nagi is catching up to Isumi for the most times ending up lost.

But since Nagi has gone through these hardships many times, she is calm and cool about it, and listening to what Hayate said, as long as she has her train ticket, everything will be alright. However she then recklessly lost grip and made the ticket she’s holding fly off into the wind’s turbulence, chasing it until she finally catches it. When she did…

That was purely coincidental.

With no train pass, cell phone or money, Nagi was cutted off from the outside world, and whats more she got even more lost.

But even if you don't move you're never going to get anywhere...

With Nagi left behind, as her loyal butler Hayate decides to jump off the moving train and goes to rescue her from nature’s harm, and this part is what really gets me… haha

ROFL #01 Mind lending me some "change"?
ROFL #02 Irony...haha
Maria, you are correct

During of all this, Hian unexpectedly bumps int the two, and much for Hayate’s convenience, he then entrusts her to take care of Maria, then launches full blast out of the moving train.

Please do no try this at home kids... Well, not at home but when you are on a train.
Please do no try this at home kids... Well, not at home but when you are on a train.
Hayate skidding along the ground.
Hayate skidding along the ground.
Hayate acting all cool.
Hayate acting all cool.
Due to Hayate's cockyness, he gets ran over by a passing truck. PWNED.
Due to Hayate's cockiness, he gets ran over by a passing truck. PWNED.
Hayate giving the thumbs up, telling them that he is alright. (DAMN!)
Hayate giving the thumbs up, telling them that he is alright. (DAMN!)
Much more misunderstanding grows inside of Hina.

Over on Nagi’s side, she stumbles into a ramen bar, with a weird yet slightly homo employee.

In the Viz scanned manga version, they dubbed this place as "Russia Ramen"
In the Viz scanned manga version, they dubbed this place as "Russia Ramen"
They cutted out the joke when he claims that he can only make salted-seasoned ramen, and that all the other dishes on the menu are there to make the place more fancy T_T

As Nagi was quite shocked by what just happened, she just ordered something out of the blue, even without having any money on her…

Bobs you un- damn!

With having no cash on her, she thinks she’s going to get killed, and decides to copy what this guy does on a TV show she watched where the guy complains about the service and gets away without paying a dime. But after tasting the ramen, she realises how great it tastes, and is unable to complain about the ramen. So then she cries while eating the ramen, then an unexpected miracle just happened.

The way I layed out the screenshots for this is kinda awkward...

Nagi then suddenly bumps into the Hamster in a unexpected reunion in the ramen bar, and some bickering happens and before you knew it, Nagi was on the Hamster’s bike as the passenger and they were both travelling to Atami. Ayumu then gives Nagi her cell phone to call Maria for help.

Tsundere moment I've seen yet.
Tsundere moment I've seen yet.

Meanwhile back in the train, Maria and Hina are alone together talking about some matters, which lead to the reason why she’s also going to Izu. With Maria instantly knowing why.

I have doubts with that saying...
Surely that must be an animation error.

Back on the road, Ayumi and Nagi advances on to Atami, where Maria tells Nagi to go on the phone. But suddenly, a black car catches up to them, and after opening up the car window, they turn out to be killers who’re ordered to go after Nagi and claim her life, the reasons are quite obvious so I won’t state them out.

Since when guns are used in magic shows?
Since when guns are used in magic shows?
Strange how I realised that both Nagi and the Hamster have pig-tails...
But wasn't that your phone?
But wasn't that your phone?

And with that said, with Hayate receiving a call from Maria in a nearby SOS phone booth, the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

One lesson learnt from this episode; Always have your train pass beside you, otherwise you’ll end up getiing caught up in some situation in a ramen bar and getting chased by a pack of killers…haha

Looks like in the next episode we’ll be seeing the comeback of Ginka and the homo train loving butler, but nevertheless, it’ll be another HnG quality episode. And also it seems to be adapting the rest of the chapters in the 11th volume in the manga, from what I see from the preview of the 16th episode.

So until then~