Endless Eight 06

Needs more Kyonko. Nuff said.
The show needs more Kyonko. Nuff said.

Yet again, the 6th episode of Haruhi just came out this week, and continues to play out the infinite loop, or as we call, “Endless Eight”.

Coming from my previous rant post, I’m not really surprised or as pissed off as last week, since I already knew this was going to happen (5 times now). But the new OP and ED made some of it up and kind of cheered me up (the new OP/ED for Haruhi is better than the first in my opinion).

The episode was the same really, Kyon and the rest do some last-minute summer activities, one night Kyon is called to meet up in the park in the middle of the night, only to find out that they’re all stuck in a infinite time loop, with the only way out of it is for Haruhi to be satisfied for what she has done for the summer. The last day of summer, as Haruhi walks out of the restaurant Kyon tries to call out to her, but unsurprisingly fails to do so. After knowing that it’ll just be August 17th the next day, Kyon goes to bed without finishing his homework. But with different clothes and no Haruhi’s Yukata fest.

But what was obviously different was in the final scene, it shows Kyon’s clock ticking away on his desk, but cuts out to the ED one second before the clock strikes midnight.

DAMN! It was getting good as well.
DAMN! It was getting good as well.

And here are the differences/alteration’s in this week’s continuous episode;

Kyon still wearing his shorts, Koizumi is now wearing speedos, Haruhi and Mikuru now in a different alluring bikini and Yuki in the original Japanese female school swimming suit.
75% Moefication complete
75% Moéfication complete
Nagato buys a different mask.
Yuki buys a different mask.
Yuki this time finds a Yanbaru Scarab Beetle.
Gundam 00 reference?
Gundam 00 reference?
Kyon now wears a red short when he runs for Muku's aid
Kyon now wears a red short when he runs for Miku's aid.
From 15,513 to
From 15,513 to15,521.
Kyon calculating how many years worth they've been in the infinit time loop.
Kyon calculating how many years worth they've been in the infinit time loop. 595 years worth. Wow.

Anyways I’m guessing next week’s episode will be another carbon copy of this weeks episode and the 4 before.

That’s all for now.

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  1. I think I am actually really glad I watched this a year after it came out. I didn’t know about it then.


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