Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 232

Another post containing mega spoilers. Click at your own curiosity.

Warning: Post contains spoilers.

So after Hayate discovering that Hina knows A-tan. What happens next? Lets see…


The secret is finally out. In this very chapter Hina explains to Hayate, in the middle of the night in the capital of Greece, the background of Tennousu Athena. That she is the Young Board Chairman of Hakuo Academy, that her family currently owns the whole prestigious school and Nagi’s granddad is one of the board of directors. After Hayate learns of this, he suddenly leaves the villa and wanders into the streets, them stumbling upon an open field, where he once again encounters Athena, for the first time ever since what happened 10 years ago.

Wow this is getting good. Despite the fact that I still haven’t fully read the past chapters (145-177) but still. So Chapter 233 already came out this week (this week’s Wednesday in Shonen Sunday) and also contains a double colour page. And a couple of RAWs have popped up on the net a few hours later after release. So being a die hard fan I had a peek at the cell-phone shots of the RAWs (Courtesy of Hina-sama from AnimeSuki Forums, go there to see it =P) and Athena is looking as awesome as ever.

Its only a matter of time everybody else gets involved and chaos breaks out, especially Nagi (for obvious reasons). Expect some misunderstandings and waterworks in upcoming chapters~

And that ends another late-night post from me. G’night.