New K-ON! Episode Announced!


Well I’ll be.

ANN – K-ON! Extra Episode Green-Lit for 7th BD/DVD Volume

Final volume to ship on January 20 of next year

The official website for the K-ON! television anime series has announced on Tuesday that production on a new extra episode has been green-lit. The new animation based on kakifly‘s original manga will be included in the seventh volume of the Blu-ray Disc (limited first pressing) and DVD releases. According to online retailers, Pony Canyon will ship the seventh volume on January 20 of next year.

Source: 2channel

Just when I thought the whole K-ON! fad was over, a new episode appears out of the blue. Only the difference is that its coming out next year.

All in favour the extra episode will be a flashback of Mio and Ritsu’s past when the two were friends in grade school, say aye.