Iron Man and Wolverine Anime Movie Adaptions Confirmed


Will Iron Man (Anime) be better than the Live Action counterpart?


Will Wolverine (Anime) be better than its recent X-Men Origins movie?

Fuck yeah.

Wolverine Trailer:

Iron Man Trailer:

The original source.

5 thoughts on “Iron Man and Wolverine Anime Movie Adaptions Confirmed

  1. xmenanime July 28, 2009 / 12:11

    An wolverine anime is what I was waiting for.Yaaaaaaa.

    • Nyarth July 28, 2009 / 13:18

      Yeah the anime version of Wolverine looks soo much better than the original =3

  2. Blackthorn August 7, 2009 / 07:25

    this looks sooo horrible, i want to Elvis my monitor.

  3. Anime September 26, 2009 / 21:50

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  4. owen March 7, 2010 / 03:13

    those both look terrible

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