Fall Anime 2009

The first version of the showcasing of the Fall/Autumn Anime Season of 2009 came out recently by Chartfag, and at first glance, I could already see my top interests.

  1. A Certain Scientific Rail Gun (I expect more Index)
  2. Seitokai no Ichizon
  3. Fairy Tail

To view the visual poster in full, just click anywhere on the image.

Also the second season sequels originating from the Spring Season this year is back, including Asura Cryin’, Natsu no Arashi and the infamous Queens Blade (hopefully this time Reina will fall off an incoming cliff and die peacefully.)

The main attraction of the season everyone is talking about, ever since a confirmation a few weeks back, is the return of InuYasha, adapting the final 21 volumes in the InuYasha Manga series.

But this is just the first version, as there’ll be many more versions (Including OVAs, more detailed info, release dates ect.) coming out in the forthcoming months so stay tuned for more updates concerning the Fall/Autumn Season.

So to wrap this post up here’s my first impressions to the Fall Anime season and determine which series I shall add to ever growing list of Anime to follow/watch;

Red = Rejected ~ Orange = Determined ~ Green = Instant pass

PS. Dammit where the hell is Shana? D:


8 thoughts on “Fall Anime 2009

  1. Yea where is Shana!? Double U tee Eff???

    Also, got to include Nogizaka Haruka…There’s a lot of good stuff coming out. I’ve been waiting for this list. I guess it’s time for me to make a post about the fall season and determine what I’m going to watch (it will be really short).


    1. Nozika Haruka eh? I might put it down on my considerations list.
      And I guess the only reason you found this post was because of that pingback, haha.


  2. Most people seem to be discussing Trapeze as the most anticipated show of this season, alongside Fairy Tail.

    I’m a bit dissapointed people aren’t showing much interest in Bantorra – personally I think it looks like it could be one of the best shows of Fall.


  3. Why in the hell did you scratch out Kimi ni Todoke???? It’s one of the most famous animes out there now!!! D: (i can see you haven’t red a lot of good stuff from it)


    1. I did all the scratching and judging at the time when chartfag released V1 of the poster, which means I haven’t really decided what I’m going to watch. But due to school unfortunately I have to scratch out a lot of good stuff from watching -_-


  4. Letter Bee I doubt will disappoint. if you give the manga a try, its a beautifully written and drawn story, much different from the usual manga out there.


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