Hayate no Gotoku!! 17


Yuri. Yaoi. Loli. Guro. All in one episode. Awesome.

This is the reason why this post came out later than it should;

  1. SS Eclipse released the episode later than normal on Monday night (my time) so I downloaded it and decide to watch it in the morning.
  2. Turns out the next morning I had to go out for the whole day, so no time watching it and writing this post.
  3. Problems with my laptop, so had to reboot a couple of times.

But all in all, I managed to finish the job in one day. Enjoy.


After a fateful incoming crash into Nagi’s room in the mansion in Izu they’re staying at, Nagi finds an unsuspecting alien known as Maya, who apparently foolishly lost her spaceship in outer space, orbited planets a couple of times and found/crashed her way into the Earth’s atmosphere as there was a high possibility that her spaceship could’ve landed there.

Elsewhere, as Hina is relaxing in the hot springs, she had declared that she’ll tell Ayumu the truth that she is also in love with Hayate and hopes that she won’t misunderstand that she betrayed her. And out of the blue the two suddenly met in the hot springs, meaning this was Hina’s chance to tell her, but hesitates due to the fact that she’s not “ready” yet, so after many tries and openings she fails to tell her.

Meanwhile Nagi decides to help Maya in finding and retrieving her spaceship, and in return Maya has to use her alien technology in order to give Nagi a sexy body that Hayate will fall for (lawl), and with Nagi’s predictions as where the spaceship could be they discovered the spaceship to beheld in captive by the Saginomiya’s. While at the time Nagi spots Hayate entering the Saginomiya residents (since he promised Ginka that he’ll give Isumi his blood in return for Ginka rescuing them in the previous episode), and starts to think what’s he doing there, and misunderstands that maybe Hayate is looking for Isumi, and that maybe he was cheating on her. So she decides to go undercover and search for him. After Isumi rejecting Hayate’s offerings of his blood, and Ginka being betrayed by her granddaughter, Isumi goes to get some first aid for Hayate’s wound (after being hit by a spiked club by Ginka).

Later on after Nagi witnessing Hayate and Kotetsu in a indecent position and being called as a little child by Hayate, Nagi gets mad at Hayate and runs off. But soon after Nagi accidentally gets thrown into Maya’s spaceship thats blasts off into outer space that will never come back. Thinking of a way to save her, Isumi kisses Hayate’s cheek (or to suck his dripping blood) and regains her powers, and send Hayate off into outer space to save Nagi. After the emotional reunion Hayate and Nagi then thinks of the way to control the spaceship and send it back to Earth, but Maya shows up (after being sent up by Isumi) and tells them to let her do the work and send them back home. But suddenly, Hayate gets thrown into a dream, and meets Nagi’s mother, telling him to take care of her.

When waking up, Hayate finds himself and Nagi to be at Yukariko’s grave. Later Hayate learns that the reason why they came to Shimoda is to celebrate the anniversary of her mother’s death and that Shimoda was a special place for Nagi’s mother, as the nice ocean view and the Sakura trees always satisfied her. And soon after Nagi introduces Hayate to her mother.

The animators messed up again -_-

Based off of the last half of Chapter 119 and all the way through to Chapter 123, this was a pretty good episode adapting off of almost 5 chapters. But with the following stuff cut out but still retained later on;

  • Kotetsu (the gay butler) shows up in this episode for the first time ever since the Hinamatsuri festival, when he would’ve appeared in the previous episode (ref. Chapter 117), but was skipped over to add more of the main content into the episode.
  • Sensei (Yukiji) shows up in this episode all drunk when she (with the President trio) would’ve shown up at the beginning of the episode so that the scene would’ve made more sense.
  • The flashback with Nagi and Isumi at the grave of Nagi’s mother was also skipped in this episode but mentioned/explained by Isumi in a “abstract” manner.
  • The scene with Hayate and Kotetsu was not cut but trimmed in this episode so that it wouldn’t make the viewers think that this anime also has a Yaoi theme being put in, since the manga has more “action”.

This episode also had some Yuri moments between Ayumu and Hina and some mild fan service in the process, examples are shown below;

Hina fanservice moment #1
Ayumu X Hina fanservice moment #2

And I was quite surprised that they actually let Ayumu say this;


Hina unconscious made me lol

If you look closely in the water you can see the outline of the rest of her body underwater =3

They also made Maya look more moé…

I still wonder what those big balled eyes were for...
I still wonder what those big balled eyes were for...
-insert the *awww <3* here-

Maya’s true form is godly as ever.

I feel like playing WoW...
I'm the king of the world!
-sniff- Reminds me of the godly ending in SA2B...

The elderly look more younger than in the manga… and less crowded.

Anime Version
Manga Version

Nice Guro/Blood scenes. But if this were the first season, the blood would be totally censored out.

The Tatami is going to get stained...
The Tatami is going to get stained...

Hayate X Kotetsu anyone? Haha

Th- Th- This isn't what it looks like!
Th- Th- This isn't what it looks like! -grope-

Nah, Hayate X Nagi looks better…

I almost jizzed at this, hehe
Yukariko's grave. Strange that her scarf dissapeared in that shot...
Yukariko's grave. Strange that her scarf disappeared in that shot...
Yukariko. Nagi's Mother. She looks different compared to the manga...
Yukariko. Nagi's Mother. She looks different compared to the manga...

The former baseball player Charles Gipson makes an appearance in this episode too.

He doesn't look even look like his real 3D counterpart...

And so Shimoda Hot Springs Arc is now finally over. In the next episode, it’s what’s everyone was waiting for, yep, the White Day arc will start full blast with also the appearance of  Kaga, the manager of Cafe Donguri.

So until then~