My Internet Connection Speed


Its been like this for the past week. Currently I have to wait over an hour to stream anime, and 80% of all fails to completely load. Heck this post even took 50 minutes to publish. With 45 minutes of waiting for the screen shot above, an example of my current connection speed, to upload.

But the torrents seem to be fine.


4 thoughts on “My Internet Connection Speed

  1. Yikes. That sucks. I get more frustrated then anyone when my internet/computer doesn’t work. Fyi, my computer is a piece of shit, and is around 5 years old (but it’s working pretty well right now. I mean, I have to put it on stilts to get some air flow to the fan (because other wise it will overheat). And of course it likes to shut off randomly once per day. But other than that, it’s fine (mainly because I replaced the screen, inverter, and hard drive).


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