The Climax is Finally Starting

Its been a while since my last Pokemon Platinum adventure update post, and due to my insufficient time of taking time playing the game (Marathoning animu at the moment.) I’m still in the first stage of the game (The gym leaders and Team Galactic’s shenanigans). But due to a 2-day1-night stay over at my cousins far far away (The reason why there aren’t any updates for the last 2 days…), I had the opportunity to make some progress advancing through the game, so now I’m going to go through the significant achievements I made the past 48 hours.

Note: Includes notes at the end of the post.

Achievement #1


I finally got my hands on a legally Nintendo-Exclusive key item, known as the “Member Card”. It is the key item to grant you access to the Harbor Inn in Canalave City, and after resting in the bed in the inn you’ll be taken to Newmoon Island, where the Darkrai (Lv. 50) will be waiting. But in-order to do the event you first have to get the National Pokedex (Upon defeating the Elite Four and finding all 210 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex.) and trigger the Cresselia Event upon where you go to Fullmoon Island and encounter the Cresselia, which will then flee for its life and you picking up a Lunar Wing which she stupidly leaves behind. And since I’m currently only in Stage 1 I (yet) cannot do this event, so no Darkrai for now… =/

Achievement #2

...this sucks
...this sucks

I somehow kept my sanity while advancing through Route 217! (The route where you can barely walk due to its never ending snowstorm which will in reality literally flood the whole route with snow, burying all the trainers skiing/hiking upon it and therefore causing an avalanche, but since its not real it obviously won’t happen…)

Achievement #3

I haven't cleaned my badges for weeks...
I haven't cleaned my badges for weeks...

I’ve won my 6th and 7th badge! Meaning there’s only 1 more before challenging the Elite Four in a Life or Death match (Kidding). But before all of that, there’s still the Team Galactic’s Revenge and Giratina Arc to go though first…

Achievement #4

31 hours!?

I literally played Platinum for over 24 hours! Not consecutive of course but the time taken playing the game. I still don’t know about the score and how the scoring system works though…

And so to end this post I leave you some of the leftover camera-taken screen shots I took but having no purpose of the main post at all and several foot-notes. But nevertheless, enjoy.

My Current Team
My Current Team

Yes I know I cheated by transferring a few spruced up Pokemon from my Diamond cartridge, by using my cousin’s DS to link between the two… hehe

Riolu, now known as Hateful.
Riolu, now known as Hateful.

My Riolu is stubborn. Somehow I get the tsundere feeling going through my mind…

And here are some of my newly acquired Pokemon, either illegally legally immigrated from my Diamond copy I’ve worked on for 2 years or captured in the Platinum safari.

As you can see some of my main Pokemon are now around Lv. 40-50
As you can see some of my main Pokemon are now around Lv. 40-50
Some newly aquired Pokémon I now own =3
Some newly acquired Pokémon I now own =3

PS. The Gold/Silver remakes Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver will be released in Japan on September 12th this year.

PSS. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (expansion for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness) is slated for a North American release on October 12th this year and a European release in early 2010.

PSSS. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing/Stormy/Light Adventure Squad is out now on the Japanese Wiiware server for 12k Wii Points each.

Note 1: Hayate S2 Episode 18 review will be out as soon as SS & Eclipse release their subs.

Note 2: My blog has now reached 10k views over the course of 3 months! That’s around 3.3k views per month! Thank you to the people who actually reads my posts and comment (or don’t/lurk), and also subscribing/adding my blog to their blogroll. Without your support I wouldn’t have made it this far, so thanks again!

(If you’re wondering why I said 3 months instead of 8, then that’s because this blog originally founded in late April 2009, and all the posts before that date are all from my previous-now-dead blogs and journals. Just click the “Blogger” category to see all the veteran posts before this blog was even made!)


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  1. I haven’t played Platinum ever since the beginning of July. 69 hours of game time, beaten the game overall, got sick of it in the end… If you wanna trade with me, just ask, I got maybe a pokemon you might want.(or Item) My Pal code is 5456 6599 8328


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