Onidere Chapter 35 – DAMN TRAPS!!!

Epic fail.

This has got to be the third time that I had been scarred for life and have to rant about it But if any of you actually care, read on…


The recent scanlated chapter of Onidere had been released by Sexyboi Scans (now a joint project with Illacrimo Imber) and I thought I might as well read it. So as the plot goes…;


Ever since Kenji had said those words to Saya (during the Wedding Arc I might as well say), Kenji had since then been going through tough times and has come to the point where he is unable to catch the hearts of the young maidens with his trademark pick-up lines, and blames Tadashi at fault. But just as soon where all hope is lost, Kenji spurts out the “worst compliment in the history of man” (as stated by Misako) to a unsuspecting girl passing by (Who is called by the mane of Yumi). And it seems to had catch on to her. Much to Kenji’s surprise, he becomes all motivated once again and orders Misako to arrange the Marraige Ceremony immediately. But Tadashi feels something wasn’t right, since the uniform she was wearing wasn’t Nijinose’s official uniform, and when the Saya and the gang arrive at the gates, Yuna is shocked to see her brother at her school. Meaning that Yuki is in fact, a trap guy.

So going back to main subject, the reason why I was scarred once again, was all because of Yuki. I mean come on…

At first I was like "Damn! She's hot!!!"

Who wouldn’t drool at her! =3

A few pages later…

Whaat? A Yandere!? S&M??

I had a feel that she was another craze Yandere. But just when I had come to terms with it…


DAMMIT!!! A TRAP!!! A FREAKIN’ TRAP!!! URGH!!!!!! I’VE BEEN FOOLED ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FML!!! FIRST JUN, THEN BRIDGET, AND NOW YUMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!11111111!!!! WHY MUST THEY MAKE TRAPS LOOK 1000X HOTTER THAN THE GENUINE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!!!!

Sometimes I feel like giving in and becoming gay…haha

But little poor Kenji is going to find out soon…

And with that I end my post.


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