To Do List

I’ve finally gone through every post in my blog (That’s over 150 there D=), and all it took was 2 and a half days of resizing images, fixing grammar mistakes and spelling errors, and adding some relevant images to some of my image-less posts. (Lurk my blog to spot them !) >) Oh and also missing a whole precious day of marathoning Animu…

So here’s my To Do list with the promised deadline at the end of this week:

1. Updating each and every post.

2. Placing each and every post into a relevant Category/Tags

3. Completing About page.

4. Completing/Tweaking Archives page.

5. Completing all my buried drafts in my Posts list.

But since its already the dead of night (3:30am) where I am, as I am writing this post, its time for me to go to bed.

That is all for now.

Update: Almost done with the revamp, just a little bit more with tweaking with the Archives Page. Other than that its almost complete. Oh and I still have a mountain of drafts to complete…

Update 2: ALL DONE! To do list complete 8D


2 thoughts on “To Do List

    1. lol… Since you said that you don’t use spell check on your posts, 5 years seems like a reasonable amount of time xD

      Oh and screw the buried drafts on my list, I’ll do them some other time.


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