Revamp Complete!


Ah. I worked over time. It’s now 3am. But nevertheless I’ve finally updated my blog! From updating all my endless posts of blabber to finding a crappy theme from’s crappy library of crappy themes that you can’t modify as much.

So here’s the list of significant changes I’ve made for these past 3 days;

  • Updated About page, go and visit to read my anti-tl;dr history and stuff…
  • Archives page created! But still in the works and experimental. Have fun.
  • Updated every post I’d made these past few months with updated grammar and image resizing (Which was a living hell, didn’t go through the ones in my Hayate posts since there’s a crap load (about 60 avg.) of screenshots I use for those posts…)
  • Images added to image-less posts, most of them, to be precise. But not this one.
  • Categories updated. Now with an Anime series category I’ll use for my posts.
  • Tags revamped. Now in more of a formal style with the classic capital letter in the front of every word. (Except for connecting words.)
  • Spam annihilated. Seems like spam comments had sneaked through the spam firewall. So I felt the need to eradicate them just in time. So long viagra and baby names advertising.

And many more which I’m not bothered to mention.

So take care and happy blogging.


3 thoughts on “Revamp Complete!

    1. Well, I tried a variation of colours, but they didn’t work out for me. I used up hours of my time just find the right colour combination to be honest. But since yellow is like my trademark colour, I went with that and tried to make it darker so it puts peoples eyes less stress. Which failed -.-


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