Giratina Capture Operation Complete


Guu… Too much happened yesterday while I was at a farewell party for my cousins, as they were going to fly back to Germany after their 3-week Summer holiday. But it was also a good time to catch up on some goold ol’ Pokémon Platinum action. And I have to say, I did a LOT in the 4 or 5 hours of game time.

  • Defeated Jupiter at Lake Acuity
  • Raided the Galactic HQ in Veilstone
  • Defeated Cyrus and bagged myself a Master Ball from him.
  • Rushed through Mt. Coronet/defeating the Galactic Grunts along the way with NO MAP HELP AT ALL. I’m just that awesome 8D
  • Defeated Mars and Jupiter simultaneously in a double battle (Ryuichi (My rival) was no help at all =P)
  • Kept my sanity while figuring out a passage way through the Distortion World and knowing which direction goes when I’m upside-down/side-ways…
  • Pwned Cyrus AGAIN in the Distortion World while he legs it into the unknown…
  • Captured Giratina in a PAINSTAKINGLY battle that lasted for 27 minutes. Literally.
  • After the whole saving the world thing, I went out of my way to capture Uxie in another EXPENSIVE BATTLE (I’ll explain later) and setted Mesprit loose in Sinnoh as I attempt to lure her out and capture her.
  • Azelf is ONE GOD DAMN BASTARD when it comes to capturing him, seriously I literally used over 70 Dusk Balls on it when it was at the lowest HP, possible (1 pixel width of red) and loads of Potions and MooMoo Milk on Len (Staraptor). After 40 minutes I had to bail out and turn off (I saved beforehand) the DS just to take deep breaths and to keep my sanity. -sigh-

Okay, 1 thing to point out in the Platinum.


Seriously out of ALL the Pokémon RPGs Platinum must be the most pain in the butt game out of them ALL. I mean, it costed me over 60,000 Poké-dollars (56 Dusk Balls + Potions) to just capture Giratina, 49,000 (47 Dusk Balls + Potions) for Uxie, and for Azelf? Lets not go there…

I had to just continuously throw Dusk Balls (Recommended since the battle takes place in a cave) and Potions to keep my Pokémon out alive to capture those little bastards, and choose whether to use the D-Pad or the TouchScreen to even play the game. Never in my time of Playing the RPGs I had to use THIS much of Pokéballs, well maybe except for Gold… Sheesh… I need a milkshake…

Well all in all I pretty much done like an all days work in under a few hours so here some screenshots taken from my phone camera just in time the text automatically scrolls on;

57th Dusk Ball thrown.
-Sob- My precious Dusk Balls...
*Shh* Don't tell Guor that I used his name for Giratina =3
*Shh* Don't tell Guor that I used his name for Giratina =3
Couldn't think of someone's name to use, so I'll leave it be. For now.

Okaay so with Team Galactic misrably defeated and the main plot for the game now done and dusted, now its time to train up my Party to take on the Sunnyshore City Gym to get my 8th badge, and then it on to the Elite Four baby!

Nyeh… I’ll finish it later.

I now end my post.