Onidere Chapter 36 – The Life and Times of Yumi and Yuna

Welcome to reality.
Welcome to reality.

Kenji got what was coming for him. But it sucks to find out the person you’re marrying has a penis eh?

Basically put, this chapter reveals some background of Yuna and Yumi, that they’re actually siblings originating from Hiroshima. And it seems that Yumi is a lot stronger than Yuna (Hence, the reason why Yuna instantly wanted to be Saya’s “student” after witnessing her true strength on the entrance ceremony…). Besides the personal problems it also looks like that Yuna is trying to inherit her family’s dojo back in Hiroshima, but at the moment is unable to so, due to her lack of strength to stand up against Yumi’s, on par with Saya’s.


This chapter also includes some embarrassing fanservice of Yuna and Yumi when they were kids that will apparently wreck Yuna’s status and pride, if anyone going to actually care…

Yumi was a trap back then?

So with that, that’s pretty much what happens in this chapter. With at the end Kenji realising the truth that Yumi is in fact a guy. So this is the last time you’ll see of Yumi you believe? Well…

And now I end my post.